10Zig 56xx: Hardware 




1-Zig 56xx and Dell FX170

The 10Zig 56xx range is based on the Clientron U800 which is also rebadged by other manufacturers. See the entry for the 10Zig RBT-616V or the Chip PC EX-PC for full details on the hardware.

The Dell FX170 is another example that is a rebadged U800. In fact you can find an August 2012 press release on the 10Zig website entitled '10ZiG 5600 Series vs Dell FX170'. The opening words are:

"As many of you are aware Dell recently has discontinued their FX170 unit. For those of you who are in the midst of the roll out and are looking for options, then have no fear 10ZiG offers the same EXACT hardware as Dell's FX170. 10ZiG's 5600 series is the exact same hardware spec...."


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