The Company

I'm not too sure of the origins of the company. Their website, under the heading "Introduction to Netvoyager Technology Limited", says that The Netvoyager brand was established in London in 1999.

The Products

They distribute a number of thin clients under the Netvoyager brand name. Some of the ones I've come across have been manufactured by the Taiwanese company TUL. Summary details on some of their VIA based products could once be found on VIA's website in their Partner Zone, but this now appears to be password protected.

I've seen the following from their product range:

Netvoyager models


LX1010-VIA Eden800MHz128MB/256MB
LX1020(TC3500)VIA Samuel 2533MHz128MB/128MB
LX1021(TC3570)VIA Eden N800MHz256MB/256MB
LX1021(TC3590)VIA Esther1GHz256MB/256MB
LX1022-VIA Eden1GHz512MB/512MB

Don't you just hate it when a manufacturer changes the underlying hardware without changing the model number?


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