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Welcome to the ParkyTowers website where you'll find some old diving pictures, a few things that have grabbed my interest and a lot of information about thin clients.

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Thin Clients

An interest which has turned into major part of this web site. Some messing around I've been doing with Thin Clients.

Asus S200E Cooling

An article on how to improve the CPU cooling on an Asus VivoBook S200E. I believe it applies equally to the X202E or Q200E.

Buffalo Linkstation Recovery

An article on how to resurrect an aged Buffalo Linkstation or Buffalo Terastation. These are models from 2007 where the model number begins HS-. (eg Linkstation HS-DH250GL or Terastation HS_DHTGL

Western Digital My Book Live Duo recovery

An article on how to resurrect a Western Digital My Book Live Duo. The Duo firmware was last updated in 2015.

Configuring a Netgear GS108T switch

An article on how to get round the problem of the mirroring configuration screen not making any changes. (The Apply button does nothing).

eGlobalCentral (UK)

My unhappy experience of buying a Nikon AW130 from eGlobalCentral (UK).

A salutary lesson in the downside of buying a grey import and relying on a third-party in another country to provide a warranty. The article includes the full unedited exchanges I had with eGlobalCentral.

Diving Pictures

Haven't been updated in a while.


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