Bosanova RBT-802: Firmware 





The RBT-820 has an XpressROM BIOS. Hit the F1 key on power-up to enter the setup screens. In my sample of the RBT-820 hardware I found I had three variants of the BIOS:

Version: 168LX_1.03.05 Built: 09/29/2006 13:44:59
Version: 168LX_1.03.06 Built: 10/24/2006 10:22:38
Version: 168LX_1.03.07 Built: 09/14/2007 13:40:28

Visually there was no difference between them.

The Main Menu is shown below:

RBT820 Bios setup screen

There is quite a lot you can fiddle with in the BIOS should you want to.

As far as the 'Boot Order' screen, this is shown below.

RBT820 Boot order setup screen

I had no problem booting Tiny Core 8.0 from a pen drive.


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