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IGEL logo Igel are a German company who have been producing thin clients since 1997. These occasionally appear on eBay. My first encounters with Igel products were with the 2100 and 2110LX which I must admit I liked a lot. I found them to be well engineered and reasonable in appearance. They also had the advantage of having a conventional BIOS and of using Compact Flash cards rather than DOMs for the flash memory.

In November 2022 I gel announced that it was ending production of IGEL-branded hardware and was partnering with leading device manufacturers HP, Lenovo and LG, to deliver its managed endpoint operating system for the modern workplace.

"We believe that the timing couldn't be better to become singularly focused on the delivery of a software platform that improves security and manageability at the endpoint, enhances productivity, and optimizes the employee experience," said Jed Ayres, CEO, IGEL. "Through our alliances with HP, Lenovo and LG, we are also expanding our global reach and doubling-down on innovation that enables our partners and customers to derive more value from the investments they are making in Microsoft, Citrix, and VMware VDI, DaaS and SaaS solutions."


These are the Igel models I have had my hands on.


ModelVintageProcessorSpeed MemoryPower
2100CE 200?VIA Eden 400MHz128MB256MBPC27009W20W
2110CE 200?VIA Eden 400MHz128MB256MBDDR2 PC5337W15W
3210CE 2007?VIA C7 600MHz128MB256MBDDR2 PC5337W~19W
4210LX 2008?VIA C7 1GHz128MB256MBDDR2 PC5332W~23W
L100 2009VIA Eden 400MHz1GB512MBDDR2 PC5330W~11W
(UD2) D200 2011Via Eden 500MHz1GB512MBDDR2 PC5331W15W
(UD2) D210 2011Via Eden 500MHz/1GHz1GB1GBDDR2 PC8001W9W
(UD2) D220 2011Intel Atom E3815 1.46GHz2GB4GBPC3-12800S1W4W
(UD3) M300C 2009?VIA Eden 800MHz1GB512MBDDR2 PC5337W16W
(UD3) M310C 2009?VIA Nano 800MHz/1GHz1GB51GBDDR2 PC8007W11W
(UD3) M320C 20013VIA Eden x2 1GHz2GB1GBDDR3L0W12W
(UD3) M330C 2009?VIA Eden X2 1GHz2GB1GBDDR3 10660W12W
(UD3) M340C 2016AMD GX-424CC 2.4GHz (x4)2GB4GBDDR3L1W10W
(UD3) M350C 2020AMD R1505G 2.0GHz (x4)8GB4GBDDR41W15W
(UD5) H700C 2009?VIA C7 LP 1.5GHz1GB512MBDDR2-6671W15W-21W
(UD5) H710C 2010?VIA nano U3100 1.3GHz2GB1GBDDR3-1066?W?W
(UD5) H820C 2013?Celeron 847 1.11GHz (x2)2GB1GBDDR3L-13330W7W
(UD5) H830C 2015?Celeron J1800 2.41GHz (x2)2GB2GBDDR3L-13330W7W
(UD7) H860C 2021AMD Ryzen V1605B 2.0-3.6GHz (x4)8GB8GBDDR4-26660W28W
W 2002?NS Geode GxMedia 233MHz8MB32MB(SO)DIMM PC1000W~16W


Vintage is the year of manufacture of the unit I have.

The "Memory Type" column indicates the type of RAM memory fitted. If there is just a dash present then the RAM is soldered to the board and not replaceable. Something in brackets indicates that it is replaceable in some models but not others. Generally the memory form factor is SODIMM. It says DIMM if it isn't.
  PC100/PC133 is a 144-pin SODIMM.
  PCxxxx is a 200-pin DDR SODIMM.
  PC2-xxxx is DDR2 200-pin SODIMM.
I'd take the actual speed rating with a pinch of salt - I guess what's fitted may be determined by market prices and I've seen high speed memory fitted in some thin clients that exceeds the capabilities of the in-built memory controller.


I have since come across this description of the Universal Model range as it was around 2012.

UD201/11/2011D200VIA Eden
UD2 Multimedia01/12/2013D510CTI DM8148 (ARM)
UD328/02/2011M300CVIA Eden
01/11/2013M310CVIA Nano
01/11/2013M320CVIA Eden x 2
UD530/09/2011H700CVIA C7
01/11/2013H710CVIA Nano
01/11/2013H820CIntel Sandybridge
UD730/09/2011H700CVIA C7
UD908/02/2010930XTAMD Sempron
01/11/2013TC215Intel Atom


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