Igel H830C Disassembly 





An Igel document describing how to get into the H830C took me straight back to the 1970s when I used to do my own car maintenance. Standing in front of my car with the Haynes Manual in one hand and a spanner in the other I occasionally used to read procedures similar to these words from Igel....

  • Remove the screw.
  • Remove the back.

Ok, removing the screw was obvious, however I found the back to be firmly in place and reluctant to move even with a fair amount of force being applied. Should I be pulling it? pushing it? twisting it? Is it supposed to pivot off around the other end to the screw? Does it slide? Am I going to break it? Read on....

Igel H830C disassembly
The starting point is to remove the screw at the bottom that's holding the back in place.

Igel H830C back view
At this point you should be able to slide the back several mm towards the end where the kensington lock is. Initially, as mentioned above, I found the back (very) hard to shift.

Having slid the back it should then pull off. Once again I found it very reluctant to come clear of the metalwork.

Igel H830C back view
This is the back off the unit. You are looking at the side adjacent to the pull-out label. There is a small bit of inserted metal (for reinforcement?). I found this to be out of position which may have contributed to my difficulty in getting it apart.

Igel H830C back view

A close-up of the end by the kensington lock to show one of the catches that engages in a corresponding slot in the chassis.

With the back panel out of the way the side panel can be slid back about 5mm and then lifted clear.


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