NComputing L130: Hardware 

Ncomputing L130


The NComputing L130 is a small and (physically) lightweight thin client and is a simpler version of the L230. See the L230 entry for further details.

The L130 differs from the L230 in that it has:

  • 16-bit colour rather than 24-bit colour.
  • No microphone port
  • No USB port

I do not have a version of the L130 but the reason for this entry is that it is being reverse engineered with the idea of it being used as a generic FPGA development board.

Full details can be found here on github. As I type this (August 2023) this is an active project.

Below is a view of the L130 circuit board (purloined from the github site).

Ncomputing L130 circuit board


Any comments? email me. Added August 2023