Atrust t180: Disassembly 





To start with I should say you shouldn't really have any need to disassemble the t180 past the foot. It hasn't been designed to come apart easily, and once apart there is nothing you can change/replace.

Atrust t180 accessory foot My unit came with what I would describe as an 'accessory foot'. There is a USB connected Wireless dongle fitted inside it. Judging from the images of the t180 on the web this foot is an extra.

Atrust t180 label on foot
On first glance there is no obvious way in, but the give-away is the small label on the foot.

Atrust t180 label on foot
Turning the t180 over reveals the base and four rubber feet. If you remove the two rubber feet at the same end of the base as the 'Warranty void' label it reveals two screws that are holding the bottom of the base in place. Remove these two screws and then you will find the bottom of the base slides off.

Atrust t180 wireless dongle
This reveals the wireless dongle and the two screws that are holding the foot to the body of the t180. Unplug the cable from the base of the t180 and undo the two retaining screws.

Atrust t180 case bottom
This reveals the bottom the case. Remove the two black screws.

Atrust t180 side removal
At this point using a flat bladed screwdriver or similar you can carefully work round the edge of the case to remove the side panel.

Having got as far as revealing the bottom of the circuit board (photo) I removed the four screws that hold it in place and that's where I stalled. I could see no way to proceed further without potentially damaging the case. Anyway, as far as I'm aware, both the flash and RAM are soldered to the board and can't be changed.


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