BOSaNova: The company 


Way back when there was (and still is) an Israeli company - Better On-Line Solutions - which these days seems to specialise in RFID technology.

BOSaNOVA, Inc was created in 2003 as an independent spin off from Better On-Line Solutions and is headquartered in Phoenix Arizona. BOSaNOVA is pioneering the development of enterprise-class thin client and network appliance solutions for LINUX, XP, and CE.Net. BOSaNOVA is an Advanced level member of IBM's PartnerWorld for Developers, Citrix Global Alliance Partner, and member of Microsoft's Windows Powered Program. For more information, visit www.bosanova.net.

In 2009 the company changed its name to 10ZiG Technology, the new company name being derived from Sherpa Tenzing. Tenzing is one of the most famous mountain climbers in history. He was one of the first two individuals known to have reached the summit of Mount Everest, which he accomplished with Sir Edmund Hillary on 29th May 1953. (Note: The BOSaNova name still lives on....)

Below is a table of BOSaNOVA thin clients derived from one I found on one of Twindata's websites. (Since removed)

Model Operating System CPU RAM/DOM
RBT-070 CE.Net CE.Net AMD GX-533 128MB/64 MB
BT-320 CE.Net CE.Net AMD GX-533 128MB/64 MB
RBT-366 Linux Linux AMD GX-533 128MB/128 MB
RBT-820 CE.Net CE.Net

AMD LX 800

128MB/64 MB
RBT-802 Linux Linux

AMD LX 800

128MB/128 MB
BT-816 XPe XPe

AMD LX 800

256MB/512 MB
WTC-600 CE.Net CE.Net Via 600 MHz 128MB/64 MB
TBT-600 Linux Linux Via 600 MHz 128MB/256 MB
LTC-600 Linux Linux Via 600 MHz 128MB/128 MB
XTC-600 XPe XPe Via 600 MHz 256MB/512 MB
LTC-1300 Linux Linux Via 1.3GHz 128MB/256 MB
XTC-1300 XPe XPe VIA 1.3GHz 512/512 MB
CE All-in-One CE.Net CE.Net Via Ester 1GHz 256/512 MB
XP All-in-One XPe XPe Via Ester 1GHz 256MB/512 MB
CE Tablet CE.Net CE.Net AMD GX 800 MHz 256MB/64 MB
XP Tablet XPe XPe AMD LX 800 MHz 512MB/1 GB


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