Chip PC Technologies 

Chip PC thin client models


Chip PC Technologies has been around for a while as a supplier of thin/smart/zero clients. Their website is very much focused on the here and now - you won't find anything on past thin clients and the 'about' section doesn't even mention when the company was founded.

The company HQ is in Israel so I deduce it is an Israeli company.

Product Range

The website shows their current range.

I occasionally see their Xtreme PC thin clients appearing on eBay. In fact I do have two examples of these - an EX6400NG and a LXN2321. These are not x86 CPUs - it's an Alchemy AU1250 (MIPS32 architecture) in the LNX2321 - and I've never got round to writing these up as they seem to be too specialised. (Maybe I will some day).

Recently I got hold of an EX-PC XPD4741 (a rebadged Clientron U800 series) that has a more conventional architecture - hence the appearance of Chip PC in the left-hand menu.