Cisco VXC-2111: Hardware 

The Cisco vxc-2111

The Cisco VXC 2100 and 2200 series are not marketed as 'thin clients' per se, but are part of Cisco's VXI offering. To start with a bit of Cisco Marketing speak:

Cisco Virtualization Experience Infrastructure (VXI) is the first solution to combine Cisco Collaboration, Cisco Borderless Networks, and Cisco Data Center architectures, creating an outstanding offering that eliminates the feature gaps of existing virtualization solutions.

Cisco Virtualization Experience Client (VXC) 2100 and 2200 Series endpoints are critical elements of this new solution. Workers demand access to data, applications, and services anywhere, at any time, and across a diversity of operating systems, device form factors, networking environments, and work preferences. At the same time, workers expect an uncompromised and unencumbered user experience, with comprehensive media and collaboration services.

Cisco meets these requirements with the Cisco VXC endpoints. These endpoints provide workers with secure, real-time access to business applications and content, anytime and anywhere, without compromise of the rich collaborative user experience for which Cisco is known

Previously I wrote up the VXC-2212 which was a stand-alone unit with the oddity of being powered from 48V. Where this comes from is that, back in the dark ages when I was a youth, the local Telecom infrastructure was powered by massive 48V batteries in every exchange (or 'Central Office' if you're US based). As a result a lot of telecom kit (still does?) run off 48V.

The VXC-2111 is packaged in the same way as the VXC-2112 and integrates with the Cisco 9971 IP phone. For the physical appearance of the result see the VXC-2112 entry


The VXC-2111 is based on the Teradici 1100P PCoIP chip. As such it isn't something that can be repurposed and hence the lack of detail about it on this site.


It is very similar to the VXC-2112. In fact, having removed the top of the housing, you find that the top circuit board (power and 2 x USB sockets) and the small circuit board to the side (power switch, 2 x USB sockets and audio sockets) are identical. The only visible difference is that an additional push button is fitted to the small board. This is labelled 'Remote PC' on the case.

The Cisco vxc-2111 inside

Obviously the lower circuit board is different as at the heart of the VXC-2111 is a Teradici PCoIP chip.


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