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Clientron is a far eastern manufacturer of thin client hardware whose products have been rebadged by a number of thin client suppliers over the years.

The company was established as Bcom in 1983. (If you check the Neoware pages you'll see that all their thin clients had 'BCOM' numbers associated with them).

It became part of the UMC group in 2005 and in 2007 it was renamed to Clientron and focused on the design and supply of thin clients.

Product Range

When I visited in 2014 their website talked about the U, L, E and D Series.

Today (2018) we have Q, R, C, L, F and B series.

My early experience was with the U series which had been launched in the late 2000s and had been rebadged by Dell and 10ZiG amongst others.

A while ago I had come across the L series although I didn't realise it at the time, the examples being badged once again by 10ZiG. It was only picking up some models sold by Praim and spotting a label on the motherboard made me realise their true origin.

I've also seen an example of the C series. (Badged by 10ZiG).


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