Devon IT: Thin Clients, TC5 series TC5D, TC5DX, TC5DW 




The Company

I'm not sure when they started, but these days Devon IT seems to be focussed on thin client Software rather than hardware. Their website offers 'Solutions' rather than 'Products'. I guess hardware is delivered through their partners such as Lenovo.

From a quick glance at their website (November 2016), on the hardware front they currently only offer the CloudTerm TC15 thin client, and the CloudTerm TC20 Zero Client.

Past Products

In the past the company distributed a range of thin client hardware, some of which is listed here.

Devon IT tc2

There was the TC2 series which would appear to be a rebadged Clientron U700. This used a VIA Eden 400MHz CPU.

The TC2D looks identical but is a described as a Zero Client. However, rather than having a PCoIP chip it may just be a software variant as the description includes The TC2D Zero Client does not broadcast or auto-discover network protocols, eliminating the need for special firewall or routing rules.

Devon IT tc5

There was the TC5c series which would appear to be a rebadged Clientron U800. This used a Intel Atom n270 processor and 945GSE/ICH7-M chipset.

There was also the TC5Xc. I think the 'X' just signifies that the native operating system is Windows XP.

Devon IT tc5v

There was the TC5v. This was launched in January 2012 and was a dual digital display thin client built with the VIA Eden 1.3 GHz Processor.

Devon IT tc5 series

A different TC5 series was launched in 2009. It's based on the Intel Atom N270 CPU along with the Intel i9845GSE graphics with the GMA 950. However it appears to be written out of the company history. There is no mention of it under 'solutions' or 'legacy products' on the company website. Using the search function on their website only turns up a couple of press releases from 2009.

Using the same hardware base I think we have:

  • TC5D - runs the DeTos operating system.
  • TC5DW - runs the DeTos operating system and includes a wireless interface.
  • TC5X - runs Windows XP.

Devon IT LT 310

There was the LT 310 which I came across as the Precedence TCX3. Another product that no longer has any mention on the Devon IT website.


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