Devon IT TC5 Series: Linux 





The default firmware for the TC5DW is Linux based so I knew that it ran on the hardware. However, when first trying out Tiny Core, Lubuntu, Arch Linux and others I found they all ran the same way.... towards the end of the boot sequence the screen goes blank and remains blank. I'm not too sure at what point this happens, but I found I couldn't even get a command prompt in Tiny Core if I tell it not to load X.

Google showed me that in the past people have had similar problems with PCs fitted with the intel i945 graphics chip. Suggested solutions such as using the boot parameter nosetmode had no effect.

Having taken a break, further googling including the GMA (Graphics Media Accelerator) 950 in the search terms found the answer....

You need the boot parameter nolapic. With this Tiny Core 7.2 loaded and ran without any problems. Interestingly enough I do not see that particular boot parameter included in the DeTos command line.

You should also add the boot parameter i8042.noaux.


Any comments? email me. Added November 2016