Thin Clients: HP 





These are the HP thin clients that I've tinkered with. Click on a particular model for more details on it:

t5000 1G 2003Transmeta Crusoe TM5800 1GHz256MB256MBPC21007W14W-18W
t5125 2005Via Eden 400MHz32MB128MB-0W16W
t5135 2007Via Eden 400MHz64MB128MB-0W16W
t5300 2004Transmeta Crusoe TM5600 533MHz32MB64MB-0W9W
t5325 2010Marvell Kirkwood SOC (ARM) 1.2GHz512MB512MB-0W~11W
t5515 2004Transmeta Crusoe TM5700 800MHz32MB64MB-0W11W
t5520 2006Via Nehamiah 800MHz64MB128MB-7W18W-24W
t5530 2007VIA C7 800MHz64MB128MB-0W~18W
t5540 2009VIA Eden 1GHz128MB512MBPC2-53001W~14W
t5545 2009VIA Eden 1GHz512MB512MBPC2-53001W~14W
t5630w 2010VIA Eden 1GHz2GB1GBPC2-53001W~14W
t5570 2011VIA Nano u3500 1GHz2GB1GBPC3-10660W~11W
t5700 2004Transmeta Crusoe TM5800 1GHz256MB256MBPC21000W9W-14W
t5710 2006Transmeta Crusoe TM5700 800MHz512MB256MBPC27004W18W
t5720 2009AMD Geode NX1500 1GHz512MB512MBPC27004W~24W
t5730 2009AMD Sempron 2100+ 1GHz1GB1GBPC2-53000W20W-24W
t5740 20??Intel Atom N280 1.66GHz2GB2GBPC3-106000W12W
t510 201?VIA Eden X2 U4200 1GHz2GB2GBPC3-128000W~12W
t520 201?AMD GX-212JC 1.2GHz8GB2GBPC3-12800?W?W
t610 201?AMD T56N 1.65GHz2GB2GBPC3-128007W~20W
t620 2014AMD GX-217GA 1.66GHz2GB4GBPC3-128006W~16W


Vintage is the year of manufacture of the unit I have.

The "Memory Type" column indicates the type of RAM memory fitted. If there is just a dash present then the RAM is soldered to the board and not replaceable. Something in brackets indicates that it is replaceable in some models but not others. Generally the memory form factor is SODIMM. It says DIMM if it isn't.
  PC100/PC133 is a 144-pin SODIMM.
  PCxxxx is a 200-pin DDR SODIMM.
  PC2-xxxx is DDR2 200-pin SODIMM.
I'd take the actual speed rating with a pinch of salt - I guess what's fitted may be determined by market prices and I've seen high speed memory fitted in some thin clients that exceeds the capabilities of the in-built memory controller.


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