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BIOS versions

HP provides updates for its thin clients (and other products) in the form of 'Service Packs'. These all sit on a server and are available for download - provided you know what it is you're after. A few years ago HP rejigged their support pages and I found the new format not to be as useful for my purposes as it had been previously. What we have here is a simple index just to the BIOS update Service Packs for the HP thin clients.


  1. I suggest you first click on the 'info' link and satisfy yourself that the BIOS update file is the one you are after.
  2. If you are looking to update a thin client that is currently supported by HP then there might be a more up-to-date BIOS available. I suggest you Google the Service Pack number (eg SP101848) and see what hits are returned from If there has been an update you'll see two hits, the original service pack, and the new service pack. The second hit is because the new service pack description includes the line 'SUPERSEDES: SPxxxxx'.
  3. If you find something has been updated please let me know by using the link at the bottom of the page.

Note: The HP service pack descriptions and the service pack exe files are stored on a FTP server. It has come to my notice that the latest releases of all major browsers are dropping support for FTP. The 'info' links below will work as I have copied these files to my server and that is where the links go. To retrieve the matching Service Pack you will need to use a separate FTP client and copy the link into that.

ModelsBIOSVersionService Pack
t5510: All Models
t5515: All Models
t5710: 800MHz model
786R11.07 Rev. A SP29470
info download
t5710: 800MHz model786R11.08 Rev. A SP29573
info download
t5710: 1.1GHz 1.2GHz models786R21.02 Rev. A SP29530
info download
t5135: All Models
t5530: All Models
786R31.03 Rev. A SP37649
info download
786R42.02 Rev. A SP49362
info download
t5145: All Models
t5540: All Models
t5545: All Models
t5630: All Models
t5630w: All Models
786R52.02 Rev. B SP49355
info download
gt7720: All Models
gt7725: All Models
786R62.03 Rev. A SP52265
info download
vc4820T: All Models
vc4825T: All Models
786R71.00 Rev. A SP43850
info download
st5742 Streaming OS Client
  w/Diskless Vista COA: All Models
st5747 Streaming OS Client
  w/out COA: All Models
t5740: All Models
t5740e: All Models
t5745: All Models
786R8 1.04 Rev. D SP55460*
info download

See note at the bottom
786R9v1.05 REV: A SP63097
info download
t5400786R10v1.01 Rev ASP52005
info download
t510786R11v1.05 Rev ASP62324
info download
t520L4100.01.11 REV: A

00.01.12 REV: A
info download
info download
t530M4100.01.07 REV: ASP97029
info download
t610K301.18 REV: ASP65515
info download
HP t620 PLUS Quad Core
HP t620 Dual Core
HP t620 PLUS Dual Core
HP t620 Quad Core TC
L4000.02.19 REV: A SP95251
info download
t630M4000.01.12 Rev.A SP101848
info download

* The html file for SP55460 refers to the 786R9 BIOS. This must be a typo. The readme file in the Service Pack refers to the 786R8 BIOS, the list of Thin Clients are those running the 786R8 BIOS and the BIOS itself identifies as 786R8.

** [December 2021] HP seem to have deleted this from their server. The support pages don't appear to offer any BIOS download option.


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