HP t430: Firmware 




On power up the F10 key will get you into the BIOS or F9 brings up a boot menu.

Initially I was prompted for a password, obviously set by the previous owner and so unknown to me. It didn't take long to fix this by taking the top off the unit and then:

  1. With the unit unplugged remove the PSWD link from the header on the edge of the board.
  2. Power up the unit and wait a few seconds.
  3. Power down.
  4. Replace the PSWD link.

Having got into the BIOS, at the top of the screen it identifies itself as 'HP Setup Utility' and at the bottom of the screen is a version number: Version 2.19.1268. Copyright (C) 2019 American Megatrends, Inc..

I always find these random version numbers a little odd as they bear no relation to the ones used on the HP support pages. To find what BIOS version you are running you go to 'File -> System Information screen' where I found the System BIOS identified as N41 v01.06.

The BIOS has the usual range of configuration options:
  Advanced -> Device Options -> Integrated Graphics
let's you set the size of the shared graphics memory.

  Storage -> Boot Order
let's you set up the boot order.

One oddity I found was under:   Security -> USB Security. That brought up a screen that let you individually enable/disable the front and rear USB ports. There are no front USB ports, but there are two USB ports on the side.

BIOS Update

The HP support site gave the latest BIOS as N44 00.02.04 Rev A. so I downloaded the update file sp114090.exe on my Windows system. I ran this to unpack all the files in the package.

The BIOS Flash.htm file lists various ways of updating the BIOS. My options were restricted as my t430 was not running a standard HP O/S. A previous owner had switched to ELUX. According to the htm file it looked like I had the option of updating from within the BIOS or from a specially prepared USB pen drive.

I ran the file N44_0204.exe from the directory SP114090\win\ to format a USB pen drive and then copy a load of files to it which included the new BIOS N44_0204.bin. I then moved the USB pen drive across to the t430 and powered it up.

Originally I then described here four ways in which I failed to update the BIOS. However in October I heard from Enis told me how to do it.

I must admit in the back of my mind I did wonder about the major switch from an N41 BIOS to a N44 Bios but didn't pursue it. I should have done.

Enis pointed out that the auto update process in the existing N41 BIOS was looking for another N41 BIOS for the update. Luckily it only took three simple edits to the USB pen drive to fool the existing BIOS into running the update to the new N44 BIOS:

  • Rename the file \HP\BIOS\Current\N44_0204.bin to N41_204.bin
  • Rename the file \HP\BIOS\New\N44_0204.bin to N41_204.bin
  • Rename the HP directory to Hewlett-Packard

In the interests of economy the pictures of BIOS Update screens below are intended to give you an idea of what you should be seeing. They're not meant to be an eye test!

Update step 1

Plug the pen drive into the t430, power up and hit F10 to get into the BIOS. Pick the File option.

t430 BIOS update

Update step 2

Pick Flash System BIOS and then Launch HpBiosUpdate

t430 BIOS update

Update Step 3

The BIOS should discover the new BIOS on the pen drive and put up a screen about the update. Left to its own devices a counter counts down and it will launch the update.

t430 BIOS update

Update Step 4

The update process runs. It does take a while but you do get a progress bar whilst it is doing it.

t430 BIOS update

Update Step 5

Then you sit through it again whilst it verifies the new image.

t430 BIOS update

Update Step 6

At this point the system reboots and does I know not what. I followed the instructions and left it alone even when it seemed to have finished and shut down. Eventually it restarted into the OS at which point I barged in.

Result: one updated BIOS.

t430 BIOS update


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