HP T5720: Linux 




Mounting a CF card

In April 2016 I had an email from Jim who was about to do the hard drive mod described below. Up to now he had been using a CF card. He had mounted the card and reader on the inside of the cover.

"Two bolts are secured to the casing with a single nut each. The adaptor then sits on those nuts secured by two further nuts locked together on each side. A square of duck tape underneath prevents any potential shorting. The CF card is running a LAMP web server using the final version of Crunchbang."

t5720 Compact Flash card mounting

Adding a Hard Drive

In February 2016 I received an email from Rich Hawley describing his approach to adding a hard drive to the t5720. There is little space internally to fit a drive and his solution I think is rather neat.

The first thing to note is that with the t5720 the cover arrangement is a little different to other HP thin clients. With those you slide off the outer plastic cover and then have to undo (usually) five screws to remove the internal metal screening cover.

With the t5720 the plastic cover is fixed to the internal metal screening cover and both slide off together. In addition, for a reason I'm not sure about, the centre of the cover that carries the HP logo has another square also carrying the logo plugged into it.

t5720 slot on pop-off cover


You can see the additional cover in place and a handy slot to let you pop it off with a flat-bladed screwdriver.

t5720 popped off cover

t5720 mounted hard drive


Rich's solution is to remove the second square and mount the hard drive where it was.

t5720 hard drive cable slot


He then cut a slot in the cover for the ribbon cable to run through to the IDE connector.

t5720 hard drive covered


Finally, using four 6mm stand-off pillars, he remounted the smaller square over the hard drive.

The result is quite a visually neat solution with the added benefit of reasonable air circulation around the hard drive - assuming you're using the t5720 in a vertical orientation.


Any comments? email me. Added February 2016