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In June 2016 Konstantin sent me a link to a Japanese website: . I found that Google Translate provide sufficient English text to allow me to work out what he was up to.

SATA mod The article (part 3 of a series) describes how the author fitted a SATA socket to the circuit board adjacent to the IDE connector and some other small mechanical mods so that a SSD could be plugged in to it. He also tried fitting three drives (2 x SATA and IDE) to see if there was any priority in the order that the BIOS would boot operating systems.

Part 1 deals with adding a wireless lan card using the Mini PCI Express connector.

Part 2 deals with fitting a SATA to mSATA convertor board.

Part 3 is actually about the t510.

t5740 with 2 x 3.5" drives

In January 2019 'tos' got in touch. He had made a 'fat' t5740 by using the case from a dead t5740 to house two 3.5" drives which was then mated with a functional t5740 that had been modified to provide the necessary 12V on the SATA interface. The article is in Polish, but Google translate does a good job of rendering it in English.

assorted cctv cameras

In October 2019 I heard from Matthew. He had used a t5740 as the basis of a NVR (Network Video Recorder) for a security camera. The software aspect was handled by ZoneMinder running on Xubuntu. You can read about it in his blog


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