Thin Clients: Hardware 


Being unable to resist an ebay bargain over the years I've tinkered with the thin client hardware listed in table below. Click on a particular model for more details on it.

ModelVintageProcessorSpeed MemoryPower consumption
4448C 2016Intel Atom E3825 1.33GHz (x2)4GB2GBPC3-106000W4W
55xx 2011VIA Eden ULV 1GHz1GB1GBPC2-53330W9W
56xx 2009Intel Atom N270 1.6GHz (x2)1GB512MBPC2-42000W9W
58xx 2013Intel Atom D2250 1.8GHz (x2)16GB2GBPC3-85000W9W
58xxq 2013Intel Celeron J1900 2.0GHz (x4)16GB2GBPC3-85000W6W
59xxq 2017Intel Pentium N3710 1.6GHz (x4)4GB4GBPC3L-106000W6W
67xx 2011VIA Nano 1.3GHz1GB2GBPC3-106000W18W
68xx 2013AMD T56N 1.65GHz (x2)1GB2GBPC3-106000W18W
78xxq 2015AMD GX-424CC 2.4GHz (x4)4GB4GBPC3-106000W7W
RBT-4xx 2009?VIA Eden 400MHz512MB256MBPC2-53000W11W
RBT-616V 2009Intel Atom N270 1.6GHz (x2)1GB512MBPC2-42000W9W
RBT-802 2009AMD Geode LX800 500MHz256MB256MBPC27003W7W
RBT-820 2007AMD Geode LX800 500MHz128MB256MBPC27003W10W
R3610 2010Intel Atom 330 1.6GHz (x2)160GB2GBPC2-64001W~25W
A3500 2008?VIA Eden ULV 1GHz512MB512MBPC2-53001W~16W
t68 2014Intel Celeron N2807 1.58GHz (x2)16GB2GB-0W6W
t170 2013Intel Atom N2800 1.83GHz (x2)4GB2GBPC3-12800W9W
t180 2014Intel Celeron N2930 1.83GHz (x4)4GB2GB-0W6W
AX3000/M75C 2008ST ATlas 133MHz?MB128MB-0W~12W
RBT-802 2007Geode LX800 500MHz256MB256MBPC27003W7W
VXC-2111 2014VIA Eden 1GHz128MB512MBPC2-64002W10W
VXC-2112 2014VIA Eden 1GHz128MB512MBPC2-64002W10W
VXC-2212 2014VIA Eden 1GHz128MB512MBPC2-64002W10W
VXC-6215 2014AMD G-T56N 1.6GHz (X2)4GB2GBPC3-106001W16W
Chip PC
EX-PC xpd4741 2009?Intel Atom N270 1.6GHz (x2)2GB1GBPC2-42000W9W
U700 2009?VIA Eden 400MHz512MB256MBPC2-53000W11W
U720 2011VIA Eden ULV 1GHz1GB1GBPC2-53000W~9W
U800 2009?Intel Atom N270 1.6GHz (x2)1GB512MBPC2-42000W9W
Evo T20 2002NS Geode GX1 300MHz16MB32MBPC1334W~14W
Evo T30 2003NS Geode GX1 300MHz32MB64MBPC133?W~?W
FX130 2011VIA Eden ULV 1GHz1GB1GBDDR20W~9W
FX160 2009Intel Atom 230 1.6GHz?GB2GBDIMM DDR27W21W
FX170 2009Intel Atom N270 1.6GHz?GB?GBPC2-42000W9W
Devon IT
LT310 2005?VIA C7 1GHz128MB128MBPC27002W~14W
TC5 Series 2009Intel Atom N270 1.6GHz1GB1GBPC2-53009W18W
TC15 2014Intel Celeron J1900 2.0GHz (x4)8GB2GBPC3L-128000W6W
DT Research
DT133 2011Intel Atom N270 1.6GHz8GB2GB-0W~16W
DT166 2003Geode GX533 400MHz64MB128MB-0W~9W
WLGX01 200?NS Geode GX1 266MHz32MB64MBDIMM PC1337W~19W
WLVI03 2004?VIA C3 300MHz32MB256MBPC1007W~20W
Fujitsu Siemens
A250 2008?Geode LX800 500MHz256MB256MBPC27000W9W
A300 2012VIA Eden ULV 1GHz1GB1GBPC3-106006W16W
B100 2003?Geode GX1 300MHz32MB64MBPC1330W~10W
S100 2009VIA Eden 500MHz/1GHz1GB1GBPC2-64000W14W
S200 2004Transmeta Crusoe 800MHz32MB128MBPC27002W16W
S300 2004Transmeta Crusoe 800MHz32MB128MBPC27002W16W
S400 2007AMD NX1500 1GHz512MB256MBPC27000W24W-29W
S450-2 2010AMD Sempron 200U 1GHz1GB1GBPC2-6400U0W13W-18W
S520 2015AMD GX-210HA 1GHz4GB2GBPC3L-128000W5W
S720 2014GX-217GA 1.65GHz8GB-64GB2GB/4GBPC3L-106000W~11W
S900 2011AMD T44R 1.2GHz1GB2GBPC3L-106000W~14W
S940 2017Intel J5005 1.5GHz32GB4GBPC4-26661W~10W
X300 2012?VIA Eden ULV 1GHz1GB1GBPC3-106000W~14W
gt7720 2011?AMD Turion 2.3GHz (x2)1GB2GBPC2-6400S0W40W-60W
gt7725 2011?AMD Turion 2.3GHz (x2)1GB2GBPC2-6400S0W40W-60W
t420 2015AMD GX-209JA 1GHz (x2)8GB2GB-0W7W
t430 2018Intel Celeron N4000 1.1GHz (x2)32GB4GB-0.5W10W
t510 2012VIA Eden X2 U4200 1GHz1GB2GBPC3-128000W8W-19W
t520 2012AMD GX-212JC 1.2GHz (x2)8GB2GBDDR3L?W?W
t530 2017AMD GX-215JJ 1.5GHz (x2)8GB4GBDDR4-18660W9W
t540 2020AMD Ryzen R1305G 1.5GHz (x2)16GB4GBDDR4-2400?W?W
t610 201?AMD T56N 1.65GHz1GB-16GB2GB/4GBPC3-12800?W17W-22W
t620 2014AMD GX-415GA 1.65GHz (x2)1GB-16GB2GB/4GBDDR3L6W16W
t630 2016AMD GX-420GI 2GHz (x4)8GB-128GB4GB-32GBDDR40.5W28W
t640 2019AMD Ryzen R1505G 2.4GHz (x4)16GB-512GB4GB-32GBDDR4?W?W
t740 2019AMD Ryzen V1756B 3.25GHz (x8)16GB-512GB4GB-32GBDDR41W20W
t5000 1G 2003Transmeta Crusoe TM5800 1GHz256MB256MBPC21007W14W-18W
t5125 2005VIA Eden 400MHz32MB128MB-0W16W
t5135 2007VIA Eden 400MHz64MB128MB-0W16W
t5145 2009VIA Eden 500MHz128MB512MBPC2-53001W~14W
t5300 2004Transmeta Crusoe TM5600 533MHz32MB64MB-0W9W
t5325 2010Marvell Kirkwood SOC (ARM) 1.2GHz512MB512MB-0W~11W
t5515 2004Transmeta Crusoe TM5700 800MHz32MB64MB-0W11W
t5520 2006VIA Nehamiah 800MHz64MB128MB-7W18W-24W
t5530 2007VIA C7 800MHz64MB128MB-0W~18W
t5540 2009VIA Eden 1GHz128MB512MBPC2-53001W~14W
t5545 2009VIA Eden 1GHz512MB512MBPC2-53001W~14W
t5570 2011VIA Nano u3500 1GHz2GB1GBPC3-10660W~11W
t5630w 2010VIA Eden 1GHz2GB1GBPC2-53001W~14W
t5700 2004Transmeta Crusoe TM5800 1GHz256MB256MBPC21000W9W-14W
t5710 2006Transmeta Crusoe TM5700 800MHz512MB256MBPC27004W18W
t5720 2009AMD Geode NX1500 1GHz512MB512MBPC27004W~24W
t5730 2009AMD Sempron 2100+ 1GHz1GB1GBPC2-53000W20W-24W
t5740 2009Intel Atom N280 1.6GHz2GB2GBPC3-106001W12W
2100CE 200?VIA Eden 400MHz128MB256MBPC27009W20W
2110CE 200?VIA Eden 400MHz128MB256MBDDR2 PC5337W15W
3210CE 2007?VIA C7 600MHz128MB256MBDDR2 PC5337W~19W
4210LX 2008?VIA C7 1GHz128MB256MBDDR2 PC5332W~23W
L100 2009VIA Eden 400MHz1GB512MBDDR2 PC5330W~11W
(UD2) D200 2011Via Eden 500MHz1GB512MBDDR2 PC5331W15W
(UD2) D210 2011Via Eden 500MHz/1GHz1GB1GBDDR2 PC8001W9W
(UD2) D220 2011Intel Atom E3815 1.46GHz2GB4GBPC3-12800S1W4W
(UD3) M300C 2009?VIA Eden 800MHz1GB512MBDDR2 PC5337W16W
(UD3) M310C 2009?VIA Nano 800MHz/1GHz1GB51GBDDR2 PC8007W11W
(UD3) M320C 20013VIA Eden x2 1GHz2GB1GBDDR3L0W12W
(UD3) M330C 2009?VIA Eden X2 1GHz2GB1GBDDR3 10660W12W
(UD3) M340C 2016AMD GX-424CC 2.4GHz (x4)2GB4GBDDR3L1W10W
(UD3) M350C 2020AMD R1505G 2.0GHz (x4)8GB4GBDDR41W15W
(UD5) H700C 2009?VIA C7 LP 1.5GHz1GB512MBDDR2-6671W15W-21W
(UD5) H710C 2010?VIA nano U3100 1.3GHz2GB1GBDDR3-1066?W?W
(UD5) H820C 2013?Celeron 847 1.11GHz (x2)2GB1GBDDR3L-13330W7W
(UD5) H830C 2015?Celeron J1800 2.41GHz (x2)2GB2GBDDR3L-13330W7W
(UD7) H860C 2021AMD Ryzen V1605B 2.0-3.6GHz (x4)8GB8GBDDR4-26660W28W
W 2002?NS Geode GxMedia 233MHz8MB32MB(SO)DIMM PC1000W~16W
M32 2013Celeron 847 1.1GHz (x2)8GB2GBPC3-128001W~9W
L230 2008Altera Cyclone ?MHz512KB8MB-0W~7W
NEC D380 2006Intel Celeron M 1GHz512MB512MBDDR2 PC5337W~21W
CA2 2006VIA Ezra 800MHz256MB256MBDIMM PC10012W~26W
CA5 2004SiS550 200MHz192MB256MBPC100/PC1330W~12W
CA9 2004VIA Nehemiah 800MHz32MB128MBPC270011W25-30W
CA10 2005VIA Nehemiah 800MHz32MB128MBDIMM PC27009W28-35W
CA15 2003VIA Samuel 2 400MHz32MB128MBPC27000W14-18W
CA16 2003VIA Nehemiah 800MHz64MB128MBPC270012W31-34W
CA19 2007VIA Esther 400MHz128MB256MBPC2-42007W18-20W
CA21 2003VIA Eden 800MHz256MB512MBPC2-42004W19W
CA22 2007VIA Esther 1GHz128MB512MBPC2-42001W18W
Capio 2003NS Geode GX1 300MHz32MB64MBPC100/PC1330W14-18W
Capio II 2000?NS Geode 233MHz8MB32MBPC100/PC13311W11W
EON 200?NS Geode GX1 300MHz128MB128MBDIMM PC1007W~18W
M100 200?VIA Eden 800MHz512MB512MBPC2-43000W~60W
LX-1010 2006?VIA Eden 800MHz128MB256MB-5W~20W
LX-1014 2013VIA Eden ULV 1GHz4GB1GBDDR2 667MHz0W9W
LX-1020 200?VIA Samuel 2 533MHz128MB128MBPC1339W~23W
LX-1021 2008?VIA Eden-N 800MHz256MB256MBPC32000W~14W
LX-1021 2008?VIA Esther 1000MHz256MB256MBPC32001W~16W
LX-1022 2010?VIA Eden ULV 1000MHz512MB512MBDDR2 6671W~14W
MicroClient 2003?NS Geode GX1 300MHz32MB64MBPC1330W~10W
ST320E 2003?NS Geode GX1 300MHz32MB64MBPC1330W~10W
Compact Dual Core 2016VIA Eden 1GHz (x2)1GB2GBPC3-106001W~15W
Ultra 2010?VIA Eden 1.6GHz512MB512MBPC2-53001W~23W
TCX3 2005?VIA C7 1GHz128MB128MBPC27002W~14W
ministation 200?Altera Cyclone FPGA ?MHz?MB?MB-4W9W
QSR Automations
DX-3000 2015AMD G-T40R 1GHz8GB/32GB2GB/4GBDDR3-10660W8W
LT360 2009Intel Atom N270 1.6GHz0GB/8GB1GB/2GBPC2-53001W15W
RWT200EM 2003NS Geode GX1 300MHz16MB64MBDIMM PC1339W~20W
RWT205CE 2005SiS 550 250MHz32MB64MBPC1330W~11W
TC190 2009AMD Sempron 210U 1.5GHz4GB1GBPC2-53000W46W
FT01 2008Intel Celeron 1.6GHz (x2)256MB512MBDDR2-6670W35W
Pulsar 20??Intel Atom 330 1.6GHz512MB512MBPC3-10662W20W
TR3230 2005SiS 550 250MHz32MB64MBPC1330W~11W
TR3760 2014VIA Nano 1.2GHz1GB1GBPC3-128009W16W
SC-T45 2013Intel Atom N2800 1.87GHz (x2)4GB2GBPC3-12800W9W
SC-T46 2014Intel Atom N2930 1.83GHz (x4)8GB2GB-0W6W
TC3200 series 2005VIA Samuel 2 533MHz?MB256MBDIMM PC1334W~16W
Itona TC3541 2005VIA C3 Nehamiah 800MHz32MB64MBDIMM PC1333W~31W
Itona IQB series 2015Celeron J1900 2.0GHz (x4)8GB4GBPC3-106001W~12W
Itona TC3641 2005VIA C3 Nehamiah 1GHz32MB64MBDIMM PC1333W~38W
Itona TC3841 2005VIA Samuel 2 800MHz256MB256MBDIMM PC21007W~23W
Itona TC3931 2005VIA C3 Nehamiah 1GHz32MB64MBDIMM PC21007W~31W
Itona TC4321 2006VIA C7 Esther 1GHz256MB256MBDIMM PC2-53007W~28W
Percio 200?SiS 550 200MHz32MB64MBPC1330W~11W
R90L2010AMD Sempron 1.5GHz1GB1GBDIMM PC2-53001W~22W
WT1200LE2004AMD Geode GX 233MHz512KB32MB-7W9W
WT3125SE2004NS Geode GX1 266MHz32MB64MB-12W12W-14W
WT3150SE2004NS Geode GX2 400MHz64MB128MB-12W12W-14W
WT3235LE2003NS Geode GX1 300MHz32MB64MBPC1334W~14W
WT3630LE2002NS Geode GX1 300MHz16MB32MBPC13316W24W-26W
WT941GXL2007VIA C3 Nehemiah 1GHz512MB256MBDIMM PC1337W24W-29W
WTx450XE2002VIA C3 Samuel 2 550MHz256MB256MBDIMM PC1337W14W
WTx650XE2005VIA C3 Samuel 2 550MHz256MB256MBDIMM PC1335W40W
Cx02013VIA Eden 1GHz2GB1GBPC2-64001W5W-7W
Sx02008AMD Geode GX500 366MHz0MB128MB(PC2700)4W9W-12W
V902006VIA Nehemiah 1GHz512MB256MBDDR 3337W23W-26W
V90L2008VIA Eden 800MHz512MB512MBPC2-53004W14W-18W
V30LE2012VIA Eden 1.2GHz256MB512MBPC2-53002W12W-15W
X90L2009VIA C7-M 1.2GHz1GB1GBPC2-53000W16W
X90cw2010Intel Atom Z520 1.33GHz2GB1GBPC2-64000W16W
D10DP2013AMD G-T48E 1.4GHz (X2)2GB2GBPC3-128004W16W
Dx0Q2016AMD GX-415GA 1.6GHz (X4)32GB4GBPC3-128000W9W
Z90D72011AMD G-T56N 1.65GHz (X2)4GB2GBDIMM PC3-106001W23W
Zx0Q2018AMD GX-415GA 1.5GHz (X4)16GB4GBPC3-128000W17W
3030 LT2016Celeron N2807 1.58GHz (X2)4GB2GB-0W3W
30402017Atom x5 Z-8350 1.44GHz (X4)16GB2GB-0W3W
50602016AMD GX-424 2.4GHz (X4)8GB4GBPC3L-128000W17W
50702018Celeron J4105 1.5GHz (X4)16GB4GBPC4-24000W7W


Vintage is the year of manufacture of the unit I have.

The Flash and RAM sizes are indicative of what is fitted as standard to the thin client. The maximum capability of the thin client is usually greater.

The "Memory Type" column indicates the type of RAM memory fitted. If there is just a dash present then the RAM is soldered to the board and not replaceable. Something in brackets indicates that it is replaceable in some models but not others. Generally the memory form factor is SODIMM. It says DIMM if it isn't.
  PC100/PC133 is a 144-pin SODIMM.
  PCxxxx is a 200-pin DDR SODIMM.
  PC2-xxxx is DDR2 200-pin SODIMM.
I'd take the actual speed rating with a pinch of salt - I guess what's fitted may be determined by market prices and I've seen high speed memory fitted in some thin clients that exceeds the capabilities of the in-built memory controller.


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