Neoware CA5: Hardware 




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For the Neoware thin clients there is a handy document from HP which you can use to identify exactly what you have. In my case the label on the back of the unit reads CA5 with a part number of BE-03-HD. This breaks down as:

BEProduct LineG150 (The circuit board inside the box)
0SoftwareStandard software
3Platform3 = Windows XPe
HFlash CapacityH = 192Mb
DRAM CapacityD = 256Mb

Apparently Capio One is the Bcom number, the marketing number being CA5.

The basic specs are:

192MB (max 192MB)
256Mb (max 256Mb)
   Max resolution
1600 x 1200 32-bit colour
2 x USB1.1
Kybd & mouse
0 W

Most of the CA5s I've seen on offer have been WinCE units (eg BE-A1-BA). The thing that motivated me to buy this one was the -HD and the price (99p).

The exact video specifications depend on the installed operating system and the amount of memory available. The full list of possibilities would appear to be:

Mode Frequency Color Depth
640 x 480 60, 75, 85 or 100MHz 8-, 16-, or 32-bit
800 x 600 60, 75, 85 or 100MHz 8-, 16-, or 32-bit
1024 x 768 60, 75, 85 or 100MHz 8-, 16-, or 32-bit
1280 x 1024 60, 75 or 85MHz 8-, 16-, or 32-bit
1600 x 1200 60, 75 or 85MHz 8-, 16-, or 32-bit
2048 x 1536 60, 75 or 85MHz 8- or 16-bit


For those to whom it matters here is some detail from Linux's /proc/cpuinfo

vendor_id:SiS SiS SiS
cpu family:5
model name:05/00

There is an oddity here. DSL reports the 'model name' as 09/00 whilst Tinycore 3.0 reports it as 05/00.

Power Supply CA5 inside

Unlike a lot of other thin clients the Neoware CA5 has an internal power supply. The mains lead has a "clover leaf" style connector rather than the more usual kettle style. If your CA5 came without a lead these are easy to source.


Both the Flash memory and the RAM in the CA5 are easily replaceable. (Click on the photo for a larger version).

Flash: The flash is a "DiskOnModule" that interfaces via a 44-pin IDE connector. The system has booted quite happily from a Compact Flash card and a 2.5" drive connected in place of the DOM.

RAM: The RAM is a 144-pin PC100 or PC133 SODIMM. The one fitted here has marked on the label 256MB SO-DIMM-133MHZ-CL3. The part number is 144SD256M366.MV.Y120.

Under the DSL Linux tab you'll find a description of how I added a 2.5" disk drive to the CA5.


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