Neoware Eon: Linux 




Neoware Eon Linux

[June 2009] My (currently brief) experience here is based on connecting a CDROM drive to the IDE connector:

DSL (4.4.10) boots and runs.

Tinycore (1.4) Ran fine from CDROM.

As it's a conventional Geode GX1 configuration with a normal BIOS (very similar to many other thin clients such as the Neoware Capio) there should be no problems running various flavours of Linux.

[September 2012] I connected a Compact Flash adaptor to the 40-pin IDE interface. There is a convenient header nearby that can provide power for the CF adaptor - I used it to provide the 5V required by the adaptor. Tiny Core 4.6.5 booted and ran without any problems.

[January 2018] For my latest checks I installed Tiny Core 8.2.1. onto a 32MB DOM on another thin client and then transferred it to the EON. It ran without any problems.


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