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This Netvoyager thin client has no explicit model number marked on it neither is there any indication of the date of manufacture. Netvoyager's own website has the LX-1021's specification and notes that the product was discontinued in June 2009.

A label on the bottom of the unit does carry the number TC3570. Using this Google finds us a Taiwanese Company - TUL - and a document [dead link removed] that gives a specification that matches up to this Netvoyager model. However it looks like there is alternative hardware lurking under this Netvoyager part number. On Netvoyager's Rescue Disk page it has (as far as the LX-1021 is concerned): "Only Available for LX1021 [rev TC3590]. If used with a different hardware revision, it will damage the unit.".


VIA Eden-N
   Max resolution
1600 x 1200 32-bit colour
4 x USB2.0
1 (Kybd)
0 W
H x W x D (mm)173 x 237 x 37 (Excluding Stand)

The embedded operating system is ???.



Unfortunately my unit didn't stay working for long enough (see Help!) to fully verify everything. However removing the large heatsink reveals the CPU - a VIA 'Luke' CoreFusion Processing Platform. It integrates a VIA Eden-N processor with the VIA CN400 North Bridge in a single low power package. Adding some of VIA's own words:

"In addition to the integrated S3 Graphics UniChrome Pro IGP, featuring a 2D/3D AGP 8X graphics core with integrated MPEG-2 decoding and MPEG-4 acceleration for smooth digital video playback, the VIA 'Luke' CoreFusion processing platform also features support for high bandwidth DDR 333/400 memory, motion compensation and DuoView for the latest multiple format flat panel display devices.

.... With an internal data flow equivalent to what is available to the latest AGP 8X graphics cards, Unichrome Pro has separate 128-bit data path between the North Bridge for pixel data flow and texture/command access. Separate 128-bit 2D and 3D graphics engines ensure optimal performance for all multimedia, entertainment, and productivity applications."

Power Supply

The unit requires a 12V supply. The label on the bottom is marked "12V 3A max".


MiniPCI Underneath the case there is a small panel covering a mini PCI slot suitable for a wireless network card. In fact the case includes two pre-fitted wifi aerials and the connectors for them can be seen in the photograph.

board The Flash memory (bottom left in the photograph) is easily replaceable. It's a DOM plugged into a standard 44-pin IDE connector. There is also an adjacent socket for a Compact Flash card.

The RAM is a standard 200-pin SODIMM. The one fitted is manufactured by DSL and is marked: 256MB DDR400 MHz CL3.0 and PC3200 256MB CL3.0. The GUL data sheet mentioned earlier says "...supports DDR333/266 RAM up to 1GB."

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