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This entry was prompted by an email I received from Diago Fontolan in Italy. He'd picked up a few of this company's products on eBay.

The Company

Praim was founded in Trento, Italy in 1987. As well as the main HQ in Trento it also has a London Office.

Old Product Range

Unfortunately this company is very much focussed in the present. I could not find anything on their website about legacy products. The support pages are password protected and you have to register first in order to gain access. I did not try registering.

An AMD press release from February 2001 covers the release of the Geode-based Primo series. I also located this (undated) brochure summarising the Primo range.

Google found me a pdf that gave a list of out-of-production products that gave various "end-of-...." dates. Unfortunately I couldn't download it but Google could give me a "Quick View" of the document. Images of the two page document are at the bottom of this page.

Old Products

Reverting to Diego's email:

Praim model PRIMO HW01, has the same hardware as the Igel-W (also labelled WinNET III). It has Windows CE 4 as OS.

The PRAIM HW04 Thin Client is hardware equivalent to BCOM WinNet D550A (a 533 MHz CPU VIA Eden Platform).

Out of Production Products

OOP products page 1

OOP products page 2


In August 2018 I got hold of a couple of examples of their Compact Dual Core series.


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