Relisys RWT200EM: Hardware 



The basic specs are:

Geode GX1
16Mb (max ?Mb)
64Mb (max 512Mb?)
   Max resolution
Geode CS5530A
1280 x 1024 16-bit colour
2 x USB1.1
Kybd & mouse
W x H x D4.5cm x 23cm x 20cm

The Relisys RWT200EM runs Windows CE Net 4.1. The unit was manufactured in October 2003. It's manufactured by Teco. and has a model number of TR3331. [December 2016. The Teco website seems to have vanished. The link above now takes you to TecoSmart and mention of a TR3760B]

Power Supply

The Relisys RWT200EM uses an external 5V 3A power supply which connects using a conventional coaxial connector.


click for larger image Flash: The Flash memory in the Relisys is an M-Systems DiskOnChip (16Mb) which can be seen to the bottom right in the picture. There is no other option. (Click on the picture for a larger version).

RAM: The RAM is a conventional stick of 64Mb PC-133. I have replaced this with a stick of 512Mb PC-100 memory with no problems.

detail detail IDE: Looking at the circuit board you can see towards the top left the empty space for a 40-pin IDE connector. I have soldered in an IDE connector and the unit will boot from an attached hard disk, but I had no luck with a CDROM in a DVD drive. (System halted with a "no boot device" message).

An email I received from 'bbsux' adds:

"By the way, adding a jumper or shorting JP6 sends power to the IDE port for flash drives that pull 5v power off of the ide port.

and adding a battery may not give you a real time clock. I tried using a slightly newer version of this board (1.31 vs your 1.21) and in DOS I couldn't get software that needs a real time clock to work.

Also adding the PCI will work. I put a pci ethernet card in it and I am using one of these as a router/firewall with M0n0wall on it... "

Note: JP6 is on the front of the board next to where the FDC connector would be fitted. This connects pin 20 on the IDE interface to +5V.


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