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Sun Ray 2 Thin Client

The Sun Ray 2 and Sun Ray 2FS were launched in April(?) 2006 priced at $249 and $499 respectively.

The Sun Ray 2FS includes an additional USB port, fiber and Ethernet ports, and a 'dual-head' connection for running two displays that can operate as one.

What I have is a Sun Ray 2FS. There is no date of manufacture but the PCB does carry a Copyright date of March 29 2006. The serial number of the unit does start with an 07 - make what you will of that.

As far as I'm aware nobody has 'repurposed' a Sun Ray.

My thanks to Jeffrey Langerak who has filled in some of the blanks below.


The basic specs for the 2FS are:

RMI Alchemy Au1550
   Max resolution
ATI ES1000
1920 x 1200 24-bit colour (1 monitor)
3840 x 1200 24-bit colour (2 monitors)
2 x DVI
10/100 (also fibre optic port)
3 x USB1.1
Dimensions (excluding stand)
W x H x D2.8cm x 20.5cm x 12.2cm

Note: There is no on/off switch on the Sun Ray 2. I guess they didn't bother as its power consumption is claimed to be under 4W. Trying it with several SMPS I have here I measured 11W.

Power Supply

The Sun Ray 2 uses an external 12V supply with a conventional 5.5mm/2.1mm coaxial connector.


The Processor is a MIPS architecture-based RMI Alchemy Au1550.

Disassembling Sun Ray 2Disassembly

It's not immediately obvious how the Sun Ray comes apart, but with a little thought I worked it out.

The first step is to remove the front of the unit. This is a push fit and held in place by four lugs locating in slots in the side panels. If you carefully squeeze the side panels at the top and then the bottom the front panel can be eased away.

Next remove the blanking panel on the top of the case - it actually appears to be a carrier for a SIM card. With that out of the way the two panels can be separated by sliding the right-hand side one (when viewed from the front) back.


There are no upgradeable parts fitted.


The motherboard fitted to my Sun Ray 2FS.

Sun Ray 2 FS motherboard

In February 2022 I heard from Olli who sent me this photo of the inside of the Sun Ray 2.

Sun Ray 2 motherboard


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