TECO TR3760B: Firmware 





The TR3760B has a standard Phoenix BIOS. On power-up the F2 key will get you into the BIOS. In the Linux dmesg output it identifies the BIOS as:
TECO Electric and Machinery CO., Ltd. TR3760/TR3760, BIOS Rev 0A.01.08 06/03/2013

With a 8GB SanDisk Cruzer USB pen drive plugged in the 'Boot' screen in the BIOS showed me:

Boot priority order: 1: USB FDC: 2: USB CDROM: 3. USB KEY: 4: USB HDD: SanDisk-(USB 2.0) 5: IDE 0: 6: IDE 1: TCDM1024-(PS) 7: Legacy Network Card 8: Excluded from boot order: : IDE 4: : IDE 5: : Bootable Add-in Cards : UNKOWN:

I found the F12 key brought up a Boot Menu:

Boot Menu
4. USB HDD: SanDisk-(USB 2.0) 6. IDE 1: TCDM1024-(PS) 7. Legacy Network Card <Enter Setup>


The standard firmware is Windows Embedded Standard. (Windows XPe)


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