ViewSonic : Thin Clients 





I must admit that to me ViewSonic do monitors. It turns out that back in 2013 they were also doing thin clients, one model of which popped up on eBay in January 2019 and another in March 2022.

ViewSonic's web site initially denied all knowledge of any thin clients - returning 404's from all the hits on Google. Their search function also failed to turn up anything but I persevered and, having navigated to scrolled down past the all the monitors and projectors to find mention of four:

ViewSonic SC-T35 thin client SC-T35 Education and Small- Medium- Enterprises

TI DM8148 ARM (1GHz), 512MB flash, 1GB RAM.

ViewSonic SC-T45 thin client
SC-T45 Government, Education, Small- Medium- Enterprises, Financial customers

Intel Atom N2800 Dual Core (1.87GHz), 4GB flash, 2GB RAM.

ViewSonic SC-T46 thin client
SC-T46 Thin Client

Intel Baytrail Quad-core N2930, 8GB flash, 2GB RAM.

ViewSonic SC-T47 thin client
SC-T47 Thin Client

Intel Baytrail Quad-core J1900, 8GB flash, 4GB RAM.

Of these I have seen the the SC-T45 and the the SC-T46.


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