The Company

VXL was established in 1976, and since the 90s has been manufacturing thin clients (amongst other products). Other than the Percio, the thin clients I have seen have been based on mini-ITX motherboards. The company's website is www.vxl.net

VXL's corporate headquarters and main manufacturing is based in Bangalore, India. The Americas Group HQ is located in Houston, Texas and the European HQ and Logistics centre in Manchester, UK.

Product Range

The product range I have seen comprises primarily thin clients from the itona range. The range is quite extensive, are similar in appearance, but internally use several makes of mini-ITX boards. Identical motherboards may be fitted with different CPUs. Additionally they may run one of a variety of operating systems: Gio Linux, Sylph-OS, Windows CE, XP-Embedded, Windows Embedded Standard (WES 2009) and WES 7-E.

The Percio is much smaller and lighter than the itona range.

The TC3200 is another mini-ITX based unit, but more attractively packaged than the itona and lacks the internal power supply of the itona.

Support Site

VXL used to have a ftp support site ftp.vxl.net that held a variety of firmware and BIOS images for their range of thin clients. It's gone [December 2016] and been replaced by reduced content at ftp://ibox.vxl.net/. You now have to fill in a form to ask for firmware updates.


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