Thin Clients: Wyse 

Dell Wyse

In May 2012 Wyse was acquired by Dell and is now known as Dell Wyse. In February 2019 Dell closed down the old Wyse support site. Further details of the consequences of this can be found here.

Wyse Hardware

These are the Wyse Thin Clients I have seen:

ModelVintageProcessorSpeed MemoryPower consumption
R90L2010AMD Sempron 1.5GHz1GB1GBDIMM PC2-53001W~22W
WT1200LE2004AMD Geode GX 233MHz512KB32MB-7W9W
WT3125SE2004NS Geode GX1 266MHz32MB64MB-12W12W-14W
WT3150SE2004NS Geode GX2 400MHz64MB128MB-12W12W-14W
WT3235LE2003NS Geode GX1 300MHz32MB64MBPC1334W~14W
WT3630LE2002NS Geode GX1 300MHz16MB32MBPC13316W24W-26W
WT941GXL2007VIA C3 Nehemiah 1GHz512MB256MBDIMM PC1337W24W-29W
WTx450XE2002VIA C3 Samuel 2 550MHz256MB256MBDIMM PC1337W14W
WTx650XE2005VIA C3 Samuel 2 550MHz256MB256MBDIMM PC1335W40W
Cx02013VIA Eden 1GHz2GB1GBPC2-64001W5W-7W
Sx02008AMD Geode GX500 366MHz0MB128MB(PC2700)4W9W-12W
V902006VIA Nehemiah 1GHz512MB256MBDDR 3337W23W-26W
V90L2008VIA Eden 800MHz512MB512MBPC2-53004W14W-18W
V30LE2012VIA Eden 1.2GHz256MB512MBPC2-53002W12W-15W
X90L2009VIA C7-M 1.2GHz1GB1GBPC2-53000W16W
X90cw2010Intel Atom Z520 1.33GHz2GB1GBPC2-64000W16W
D10DP2013AMD G-T48E 1.4GHz (X2)2GB2GBPC3-128004W16W
Dx0Q2016AMD GX-415GA 1.6GHz (X4)32GB4GBPC3-128000W9W
Z90D72011AMD G-T56N 1.65GHz (X2)4GB2GBDIMM PC3-106001W23W
Zx0Q2018AMD GX-415GA 1.5GHz (X4)16GB4GBPC3-128000W17W
3030 LT2016Celeron N2807 1.58GHz (X2)4GB2GB-0W3W
30402017Atom x5 Z-8350 1.44GHz (X4)16GB2GB-0W3W
50602016AMD GX-424 2.4GHz (X4)8GB4GBPC3L-128000W17W
50702018Celeron J4105 1.5GHz (X4)16GB4GBPC4-24000W7W


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