Thin Clients: Wyse 




Dell Wyse

In May 2012 Wyse was acquired by Dell and is now known as Dell Wyse.

Wyse Hardware

These are the Wyse Thin Clients I have seen:

ModelVintageProcessorSpeed MemoryPower consumption
R90L2010AMD Sempron 1.5GHz1GB1GBDIMM PC2-53001W~22W
WT1200LE2004AMD Geode GX 233MHz512KB32MB-7W9W
WT3125SE2004NS Geode GX1 266MHz32MB64MB-12W12W-14W
WT3150SE2004NS Geode GX2 400MHz64MB128MB-12W12W-14W
WT3235LE2003NS Geode GX1 300MHz32MB64MBPC1334W~14W
WT3630LE2002NS Geode GX1 300MHz16MB32MBPC13316W24W-26W
WT941GXL2007VIA C3 Nehemiah 1GHz512MB256MBDIMM PC1337W24W-29W
WTx450XE2002VIA C3 Samuel 2 550MHz256MB256MBDIMM PC1337W14W
WTx650XE2005VIA C3 Samuel 2 550MHz256MB256MBDIMM PC1335W40W
Cx02013VIA Eden 1GHz2GB1GBPC2-64001W5W-7W
Sx02008AMD Geode GX500 366MHz0MB128MB(PC2700)4W9W-12W
V902006VIA Nehemiah 1GHz512MB256MBDDR 3337W23W-26W
V90L2008VIA Eden 800MHz512MB512MBPC2-53004W14W-18W
V30LE2012VIA Eden 1.2GHz256MB512MBPC2-53002W12W-15W
X90L2009VIA C7-M 1.2GHz1GB1GBPC2-53000W16W
X90cw2010Intel Atom Z520 1.33GHz2GB1GBPC2-64000W16W
D10DP2013AMD G-T48E 1.4GHz (X2)2GB2GBPC3-128004W16W
Dx0Q2016AMD GX-415GA 1.6GHz (X4)32GB4GBPC3-128000W9W
Z90D72011AMD G-T56N 1.65GHz (X2)4GB2GBDIMM PC3-106001W23W


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