Wyse 1200LE: Hardware 

Wyse WT1200LE top view Wyse WT1200LE back panel

Part No: 901998-02. Manufactured May 2004.


The basic specs are:

AMD Geode GX
32MB (soldered)
1280 x 1024 @ 8-bit colour
1024 x 768 @ 16-bit colour
2 x USB1.1
H x W x D (mm)57 x 430 x 157

The embedded operating system is WTOS. The final release was 5.2 B069 which is what my unit is running.

Power Supply

The unit requires a 12V supply. It uses a conventional coaxial socket but the centre pin is slightly larger than on a lot of thin clients. I'm not too sure of the exact dimensions required for the plug, but a 5.5mm external 2.5mm internal plug seems to fit. I subsequently got a few more WT1200LEs that came with PSUs. These 12V supplies are rated at 1.5A.


It doesn't look to be possible. The flash and RAM are soldered to the circuit board and there are no sockets. Click on the photographs for a larger scale view of the circuit boards.

However the board is tracked for a SODIMM socket and a Wyse CF/Smart Media socket. More adventurous people than I have soldered such sockets to other thin client circuit boards.

WT1200LE circuit board top WT1200LE circuit board bottom

What's in a Model number?

I ended up with a few WT1200LEs as they were bundled in with another thin client I was interested in. Subsequently a web search turned up a web page (no longer there) with a few photographs of the internals of a WT1200LE. Interestingly enough that model included a Wyse CF/Smart Media socket and a SODIMM socket. In my case neither of these are fitted to the circuit board - the RAM is soldered directly to the board (see photos above). It did make me look further to see if there was a differentiator in the part number that would let you know which one you were buying. I discovered there is a WT1200LE and a WT1200LE plus. The product "Quick Start Guide" shows that the plus model has 4 USB sockets on the rear panel and a 4-pin power connector - very similar to the WT3235LE.

In my search I came across the following part numbers and descriptions:

Part No  Description
901998-01Regular 1200LE.
901998-02Regular 1200LE, Minus the Keyboard & Power Cord.
901998-16Winterm 1200LE (beige keyboard & mouse)
901998-17Regular 1200LE+, Sub: Black Keyboard & Black Mouse.
901998-26Winterm 1200LE (black keyboard & mouse-Built To Order)
901998-51Regular 1200LE w/32MB Flash & 64MB RAM. (WT-1200LE+)
901998-52Wyse Winterm 1200LE Plus

I must admit the information as presented the above doesn't make much sense to me. The -XX difference would make sense as a designation on the outer product box to describe what's inside - such as the -01 and -02 descriptions. In a similar way I would expect any -XX markings on the WT1200LE itself to designate different builds of the circuit board or firmware.

Wyse WT1200LE circuit board I subsequently ended up with a further batch of 10 WT1200LEs (inc PSUs) which gave some interesting(?) data. Of the 10 in the batch there were eight marked -02 and two marked -01. On looking inside there was zero difference between the -01 and -02 units - they had identical circuit boards down to the revision number.

However one of -02 models came with SODIMM socket and CF/Smart Media socket. In this case the PCB carried a different version number and I managed to spot a few minor differences:

  • The sockets on the rear lacked the extra metal bracket.
  • A ferrite bead was fitted between the power socket and the circuit board.
  • An extra capacitor was fitted to the PCB adjacent to the power socket.

So it would appear that, other than physical examination, there is no way of finding out whether a particular WT1200LE has socketed RAM or not.


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