Wyse 3030: Hardware 

Wyse 3030

The Dell Wyse 3290/3030/3030 LT thin client is a small slim unit with an Intel Celeron dual core processor. I have two examples of this range: The 3290 runs Windows Embedded Standard 7 whilst the 3030 LT runs Linux. The 3290 was launched in early 2014 whilst the 3030 LT was launched in May 2016. I have examples of the 3290 manufactured in August 2014 and the 3030 LT manufactured in December 2016.

The label also identifies the 3290 as 'model no: N03D' whilst the 3030 LT is 'model no: N06D'.

3290/3030/3030 LT

The 3290, 3030(?) and the 3030 LT are visually identical. A fair number of websites/literature refer to just the 'DELL Wyse 3030' (16GB flash, WES7) and the 3030 LT (4GB flash, Thin OS). As you will see elsewhere the internal circuit board has had a significant revision between the 2014 3290 version and the 2016 3030 LT version. That leaves me wondering if Dell Wyse shipped WES7 versions that use the later motherboard and that those are the 3030 models?

Model Variants

In researching the 3030 I became confused, initially due to conflicting information about the power supply it used. Both my 3290 and 3030 LT run off 12V. Two (undated) DELL data sheets for the 3030 and the 3030 LT each say:

"Worldwide auto-sensing 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz 65W, 19V DC Energy Star V.5.2 Phase V external and EuP compliant power adapter Consumes less than 6 watts (average)"

However the Dell User Guide for the 3030 LT (2016 Copyright notice, Rev A00) does say:

"Worldwide auto-sensing 100-240 VAC, 50 - 60Hz 30W, 12V DC"

So that was issue number one.

Next I discovered pictures of the 3030 that show back panels with:

  • 2 x Display Port
  • 1 x Display Port and 1 x DVI
  • 2 x DVI
  • 1 x Serial Port and 1 x DVI port

As the 3030 is no longer a current product the publicity material is missing from Dell's Web Site and, as yet, I haven't found a document that links product numbers to hardware configuration.

My guesstimate for the launch date of the 3290 is based on the manufacturing date on my units together with the fact that the Intel CPU (N2807) was launched Q1 2014.

I'm also guessing that in 2016, when the 3030 LT appeared, Dell Wyse also shipped the 3030 which was functionally identical to the 3290 but used an updated motherboard?. (Note: I haven't yet seen anything to substantiate this, but it might explain some of the confusion I'm finding out there on the Internet).

The 3290 had socketed RAM and Flash. With the 3030LT the RAM and Flash are soldered to the board, with the Flash being the cheaper eMMC type. However the circuit board is still tracked for a mSATA socket. As there is a noticeable difference between the two I decided to split the detailed description into the N03D and N06D tabs.


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