Wyse 3040 (N10D): Linux 





This is simple and straight forward. All you need is small flat-bladed screwdriver.

Wyse 3040 case removal Turn the 3040 over and look at the rear corner by the power socket. There you will find a slot that will take a screwdriver blade. Press down into it and then gently pop the base out. You need to get the rear edge free first and then move the base towards the rear to remove it.

Wyse 3040 case removal clips positions This is looking at the base from the rear. On the left you can see the screwdriver slot. Circled in red are the clips that hold to the top in place.

Wyse 3040 case removal slot positions This is looking at the base from the front. Here you can see circled in red two slots that lugs from the case fit into. As you remove the base it pivots about this edge until the slots become clear of the lugs.


There is no need to remove the feet.

Often the feet are used to conceal the screws that are holding the case together - not so with the 3040. I made the mistake of starting this way.

Wyse 3040 case feet The feet are top-hat shaped and on assembly are dropped into place before a metal shield is fixed inside the case. The shield is held in place with plastic posts where the tops are subsequently melted.

Not wanting to damage the fixings I found that it was possible to put the feet back with gentle encouragement from a small flat-bladed screwdriver. Adding a small amount of lubricant to the 'brim' of the foot helped.


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