Wyse 3040 (N10D): SD card 




...and now for something completely different...


In October 2021 I heard from April:

"So I was playing around with my 3040 again... I kinda wanted to get more storage in the thing without having to attach external devices..."

An interesting opening as the only apparent internal expansion on the 3040 is the M.2 socket for the WiFi card. As noted elsewhere the only interface signals available on this socket appear to be SDIO. The more usual PCIe and USB interfaces used by almost all add-on cards are missing.

April continued:

" I ended up designing a board that fits in the M.2 slot and connects the SDIO pins to a microSD card slot. It seems to work with the various microSD cards I've tried, and I've even managed to have an OS running (very, very slowly) from one.

Note that most commercially available adapters won't work here since they use PCIe and have a PCIe SD card reader chip on them - my one does not, and instead just uses the SDIO pins exposed on the M.2 connector itself."

SD Adaptor fitted to Wyse 3040

A nice piece of lateral thinking by April. She went on to provide the necessary information to let others duplicate her work:

"If you or anyone else wants to make one of these boards the ZIP file contains the Gerber files as well as the original .kicad_pcb file. I used OSH Park to make the board and chose their 2oz-0.8mm option for this as 0.8mm is the correct thickness for an M.2 card. The socket I chose was the Amphenol 114-00841-68. To finish off I used a random screw I pulled out of a laptop hard drive cover which seems to work well for holding the card in the slot."

There are various companies out there that produce PCBs for hobbyists and you may well find one local to you. However I do note that OSH Park say "Our purple boards are manufactured in the USA and shipped free to anywhere in the world."


The Monty Python quote at the top popped into my mind as soon as I read April's email. Her contribution is rare as it doesn't require any modification to the thin client board, wiring or its case.


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