Wyse Xn0L and Xn0 range 

Xn0 and Xn0L

Wyse X90 and X90L Wyse X90 and X90L

Back in 2007 Wyse launched a family of laptop style thin clients based on the VIA C7-M ULV 1.2 GHz processor. There were two physical variants: The Xn0 and the Xn0L. The Xn0 was the physically smaller unit being fitted with a 12.1" widescreen LCD. The 'L' variant was fitted with larger 15.4" screen.

The Wyse publicity blurb from the time reads:

The Wyse X class mobile thin computers feature high-performance energy conserving Via C7-M ULV processors, giving your mobile users all the processing power and flexibility they need including rich multimedia playback. Choose between the Wyse X90/X90e with a crisp 12.1" display and the Wyse X50L/90L & X90Le with the larger 15.4" widescreen display. All deliver excellent performance for graphics applications and multimedia presentations.

There are other differences than just the size of the screen and so there are separate entries for the Xn0 and its larger sibling the Xn0L.


Just to confuse matters, in 2012 Wyse released a completely different range of laptop thin clients that it also referred to as the 'X Class' and carried similar model names to the previous range. The more modern X class laptops are covered elsewhere.


I have seen references to the X90/X90e and the X50L/X90L/X90LW/X90Le/X90LeW. As always the basic hardware remains unchanged, but the actual numbering indicates what operating system the thin client has installed and also various extras such as a wireless card.


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