Wyse P20: Hardware 

Wyse P20/D200

The Dell Wyse P20 is a 'Zero Client' based on the Teradici 1100 PCoIP chip. As such it cannot(?) be repurposed and so you won't find much information here. From one of the publicity data sheets:

Based on a hardware PCoIP engine, this stateless zero client requires no local operating system. Unlike more flexible software-based implementations, this dedicated hardware PCoIP engine delivers the highest level of display performance available.

Label on Wyse D200/P20 Confusingly the label on the side leads off with 'MODEL NO: D200' whilst the second line continues 'P20.PCoIP DUAL Thin Client'. However the Dell Wyse publicity leaflets only talk about the 'Wyse P class' and the 'Wyse P20', so P20 it is.

These tend to work to VMware servers and the like. I have no idea whether it is possible to set up a home system at zero/low cost using such zero clients. Google found me somebody who had tried.

A view of the inside of the P20.

Inside the Dell Wyse P20


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