Thin Clients: Wyse Support 

Dell Wyse

In May 2012 Wyse was acquired by Dell and is now known as Dell Wyse.


Wyse used to have extensive support pages at appservices.wyse.com that covered the entire range of their products almost going back to the year dot.

On the 1st February 2019 Dell closed down this site and support was transferred to Dell.com. However they introduced a sea change....

As part of the Wyse.com to Dell.com transition we have migrated away from the Appservices.Wyse.com Free Download Application with Dell’s standard https://www.dell.com/support/.

Dell has been communicating this change on the login page of AppServices.Wyse.Com for 6 months to ensure that customers were aware of this change.

As we complete the transition of Wyse to Dell Wyse we have only migrated support files for Dell Wyse products that have been sold on or after Jan 1st, 2014 and have not gone End of Service Life(EOSL).

So the majority of the extensive support files have vanished. They are saying they now only offer downloads for products post Jan 1st 2014 and only if they have not reached EOSL.

If it is an old product they say:

Forums: Here you can search a vast pool of existing threads and you can also post a detailed inquiry where the community representatives can review and suggest potential fixes. Wyse Forums
Tech Center: Here you can find blogs, wikis, and whitepapers. - Tech Center for Wyse
Videos: - Wyse video series on YouTube
Twitter: - @DellCaresPro https://twitter.com/DellCaresPRO External Link
@DellCares https://twitter.com/DellCares External Link – For our consumer products

Dell Sales: - Contact a Dell Sales Representative to discuss options – Dell Sales

Unfortunately a giant step backwards for those of us who are trying to re-use old Wyse hardware.


Any comments? email me. Added March 2019