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I don't know exactly how many different bits of hardware lurk under the VX0 banner but I have now encountered three. From the front they look identical, but turn them around you have an obvious difference on the back panel (see above).

My take on it is that initially (from 2006) there were the Vx0 models. These have varying amounts of flash and RAM and run either WTOS, Win CE, Linux or Windows XPe. The base hardware was a 1GHz VIA C3 with a CN333, had a standard VGA socket for video, two serial ports, a parallel port and a PCMCIA socket.

In mid 2007 these transitioned to the Vx0L models where the processor changed to a lower power 800MHz VIA C7 with a CN700 or CN800, video output changed to a DVI socket, and one of the serial ports and the PCMCIA port were dropped. Manufacture of these units stopped in 2008.

They were replaced by the Vx0LE models. The one example I have seen is identical to the Vx0L model, but the processor has been upgraded to a 1.2GHz VIA Eden CPU.

I've also come across mention of the V90 Dual Video model (V90DV?) but I don't know whether this different hardware yet again, but I think it may be just a 'Y' cable used with the Vx0L hardware.

Anyway I either have or have seen mention of the following part numbers (not an exhaustive list):

Part noModelFlashRAM EOL
902094-07LV90512MB256MB 10/31/07
902094-29LV90512MB256MBInternal Smart Card reader10/31/07
902094-22LV90512MB512MB 10/31/07
902094-41LV901GB512MB 10/31/07
902095-02LV3064MB128MB 08/07/08
902095-10LV3064MB128MBInternal Smart Card reader08/07/08
902124-01LV90 Dual-Video512MB256MB 08/07/08
902124-04LV90 Dual-Video512MB512MB 08/07/08
902124-21LV90 Dual-Video1GB512MB 08/07/08
902134-02LV30LE128MB256MBCE 5.005/11/10
902142-02LV30LE128MB512MBCE 5.005/11/10
902179-02LV30LE128MB512MBCE 6.0 

Also of the various Vx0's and Vx0L's I've encountered I have 5 working Vx0Ls, 2 working Vx0s and 4 dead Vx0s. I don't know if there is any significance in that fact but the V90s do seem to have a reliability problem. At least a couple of my dead V90s did work initially and then stopped for no apparent reason.

I found the following information on Wyse's site:

Product Lifecycle Matrix Table for Wyse Thin Clients

ModelPart NumberEOLLast Build Version
V10L902132-xxL(08/07/08) 6.2.0_08
V10L902138-xxL(05/11/10) 6.5.0_30
V30902095-xx(08/07/08) B579
V30L902122-xxL(08/07/08) B563.18
(05/11/10) B666 
V50902091-xx(08/07/08) 6.3.2B40
V50L902123-xxL(08/07/08) 6.3.2.B54
(05/11/10) 6.6.2_02 
V90902094-xx(10/31/07) B550
V90L902124-xxL(08/07/08) B611
(05/11/10) B673


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