AW130 Dive Profiles 


Dive Profiles

These are screen dumps from the Mares log book program of the dives stored in my Mares Puck Pro dive computer.

Last pictures taken with the Nikon were on Monday 21st.

There is a small bug(?) in the Mares software. Entry #31 in the log for my second dive on 17 March shows the duration as 1hr30". Note the double quote. This is 1 hour and 30 seconds, NOT 1 hour and 30 minutes. It should really have printed 1hr 0' 30".

summary List of recent dives in the dive computer. Last dive before this trip had been in October 2014 in Bonaire. Back

dive Profile Wreck AlleyBack

dive Profile HMS RhoneBack

dive Profile West Dog/FlintstonesBack

dive Profile Mountain PointBack

dive Profile Ginger IslandBack

dive Profile Ginger Island/Ginger StepsBack

dive Profile Dogs/LedgesBack

dive Profile Bronco BillyBack

dive Profile Ginger HoleBack

dive Profile Cooper Island/Dry RockBack

dive Profile Norman Island/Spyglass WallBack

dive Profile Peter Island/Shark PointBack

dive Profile Peter Island/Fearless & Willy TBack

------Camera stopped working at this point-------

dive Profile Great Dog/The ChimneyBack

dive Profile Great Camanoe/Lee BayBack



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