Thin Clients: Relisys 


Relisys was a company based in Manchester UK that manufactured a range of products including thin clients. (The few products I have seen from this company were manufactured for them by TECO). Relisys went into administration in January 2006 and resurfaced as Relisys Digital in February 2006. In November 2006 the thin client business was spun off as Thinspace Ltd which, whilst active in 2011, I found the web site had vanished in 2020. Relisys Digital was back in administration in March 2007 and ceased trading.

I have no idea whether thinspace have any interest in the earlier Relisys products. Their public website has very little support information on it but does include the sentence:

If you are looking for the latest software or firmware upgrades, please email to register your product with us first, we will then direct you to a dedicated server site where the latest versions of our software and firmware are available for download.


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