Thin Clients: Projects 


You'll find other projects/mods associated with the entries for specific thin clients. What's listed here are some more generic items.


  • An article on how to reuse cast-off 2.5" and 1.8" drives.
  • An article on how I fitted a 2.5" drive to a Neoware CA5.


The Windows 98 tab describes a generic way of installing Windows 98 SE on a thin client. Note this is about getting through the first stage of getting Windows 98 SE onto your chosen thin client. The next stage - finding and installing any necessary drivers - is then down to you.


My main projects with thin clients has generally been to set them up as a web server. Examples of this are:

  • An outline of how I installed PuppyServer on a Compact Flash based Capio 620.
  • A detailed description on how to install Tinycore 2.7 along with Samba and Apache on the IGEL 2110. (Uses a Compact Flash card for the mass storage).
  • A detailed description on how to install DSL 4.4.9 along with Samba and Apache on the Neoware CA5 using a 2.5" hard drive.

The most up-to-date description of the software can be found on the Tiny Core Linux page.

Various other software installations can be found under the Tiny Core tab on the Linux pages. For example:



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