Cookies et al

Hopefully not an issue for anyone visiting this site, but here is a what's what about Cookies and other associated privacy issues.


This site does not place any cookies in your browser.

Log files

As is standard practice my hosting company maintains log files recording visits to the site and, via cpanel, provides summary information from those log files. For example the 'top 25' URLs visited during each calendar month.

I do have a custom '404 error page' that also record visits which result in an explicit 404 (page not found) error message. Once in a while I do look at this information to see if there is anything I can do to reduce the incidence of '404's. I must admit I set this up in the first place to get rid of the 404s to do with bots attempting to hack into Wordpress admin directories and the like. These days they get a more polite: hot link

Google Analytics

I may (or may not) be making use of Google Analytics. If I am there will be some code (provided by Google) embedded in the header of every page.

As I'm not selling anything I have no interest in most of the information Google Analytics offers - and anyway it is meaningless in the context of the site. However it does let me see how people are accessing the site. From this I can see:

  1. The proportion of people who are using desktops/tablets/mobile phones.
  2. What browsers people are using.

(1) Provides me with a driver as to when and if I adjust elements of the site to try and make things more mobile friendly.

(2) Lets me check that any changes I make to the CSS layout files are supported by the large majority of the browsers that are being used to access the site.

In December 2020 I noticed that the Google Search Console, under 'Core Web Vitals' was saying a large number of my pages "Need improvement" thanks to a FID (First Input Delay) of more than 300ms. A brief Google search indicated that the Google Analytics code itself might be a contributor to this so I've taken it out for now to see what happens....


Any comments? email me. Added December 2018    Last update January 2021