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My thanks to those who take the time to email me - either with questions or with suggestions/news about what you've been doing. I try and respond fairly promptly to all emails - so if you've been ignored for a few days do try again as there is always a chance that your email has been misfiled by my ISP's spam filter. Your emails often do lead to updates of this website where I may add additional information and/or reword sections to save others having to ask the same thing. If it is something new you've discovered/done then it may well get added with an appropriate acknowledgement.

Having discovered an interesting site on somebody's use of the t5720 I've decided to add a "links" tab to the hardware pages. If you know of good descriptions of the use to which particular thin clients have been put please email me the details so that I can add them to the site.

Updates this year (2022):

21/09  Added some words on using the internal USB ports on the Wyse Cx0.
06/09  Added a 'Mods' tab to the Fujitsu Siemens S450 entry.
02/09  Added a contribution from Rob on getting the OpenChrome driver running with Xubuntu 22.04 on an HP t5570.
23/08  Added the NEC US310e to the site.
18/08  Added a Links Tab to the HP t620 entry. Link is to a description of adding the PCIe connector to the motherboard.
15/08  Updated the words on the AzureWave AW-CM389MA WiFi module fitted to the Wyse 3040.
09/08  Added words from April on adding an SSD to the HP t420.
08/07  Added the Atrust t68 thin client to the site.
03/07  Added an article on Adding another ethernet port to the Wyse Dx0Q to use it as a pfsense firewall.
26/06  Added the Wyse Xn0m mobile thin client to the site.
06/06  Small update to the HP t5520 entry along with a contributed review.
06/06  Added some words and a link to how to enable Hardware Virtualisation on the Igel M340C.
08/05  Added the HP t540 to the site. (Details contributed by April)
06/05  Corrected an earlier report that Windows Server let you access more than 4GB of RAM on the t5740.
25/04  Added the procedure for installing Windows 3.1 on a Futro S220.
23/04  Small update to the HP t430 entry re USB-C power.
03/04  Added the Viewsonic T46 to the site.
01/04  Added the CloudTerm/Devon IT TC15 to the site.
23/03  Added a WIN3.1 tab in the Projects directory. Clive describes how he recreated his early DOS/Windows 3.1 PC days using a Fujitsu Siemens Futro S220.
04/03  Added words about enabling the higher IDE transfer rates on a Wyse Vx0.
04/03  Added the Wyse 5060 to the site.
13/02  Added a note on how to clear an unknown Z90D7 Supervisor password .
13/02  Updated the list of HP BIOSs. Added some 'history' pages for the more modern BIOSs listing the previous versions and the enhancement and fixes they included.
07/02  Added the Igel H820C to the site.
05/02  Added a description of how to create a UEFI bootable USB pen drive with the 64-bit version of Tiny Core Linux on it.
02/02  Added the 10ZiG 59xxq to the site.
29/01  Added a Windows tab to the 58xx entry warning that this Thin Client will not run Windows 8.1 or Windows 10.
21/01  Update to the 10zig/58xxq/ entry to highlight the difference between the V1.0 and V1.1 board.
18/01  Update to PSU type for the Wyse 3040. As expected connecting a +12V supply to one marked as +5V destroys it.
17/01  Minor update to Clientron U720 and U800 based thin clients such as the Dell FX130 and the Dell Fx170. Notes the presence of an onboard USB port.

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