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My thanks to those who take the time to email me - either with questions or with suggestions/news about what you've been doing. I try and respond fairly promptly to all emails - so if you've been ignored for a few days do try again as there is always a chance that your email has been misfiled by my ISP's spam filter. Your emails often do lead to updates of this website where I may add additional information and/or reword sections to save others having to ask the same thing. If it is something new you've discovered/done then it may well get added with an appropriate acknowledgement.

Having discovered an interesting site on somebody's use of the t5720 I've decided to add a "links" tab to the hardware pages. If you know of good descriptions of the use to which particular thin clients have been put please email me the details so that I can add them to the site.

Updates in 2016:


10/12  Revamped the CSS to make the site slightly more mobile friendly. See here.
28/11  Added Dell FX160 to the site.
22/11  Added Devon IT to the site along with their TC5DW thin client.
17/11  Added details to the HP t610 entry on how to use the PCI-E 4x expansion slot.
17/11  Added a tab to the Neoware Capio entry about playing old DOS games.
08/08  Added the Wyse Z90D7 to the site.
06/08  Added the Tadpole FT01 to the site.
21/07  Added an article on SATA SSDs/DOMs to the hardware section.
18/06  Added the Wyse X90c to the site.
01/06  Added the Netvoyager LX1022 to the site.
25/05  Updated the Netvoyager LX1010 entry.
15/05  Added the Igel M330C to the site.
12/04  Added the Cisco VXC-2212 to the site.
Some other minor updates.
16/02  Added the Igel One (L100) to the site.
09/02  A couple of updates based on input from others. The HP t5720: Neat way of adding a hard drive from Rich Hawley.
The Wyse 9450XE: Motherboard clock rates from Eric Rucker.

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