2012 News

22/12 After another email saying "Why doesn't this Compact Flash adaptor work?" added a page to the hardware section.
22/12 Revisited running Linux on the Wyse S10. Various issues to do with the running Tiny Core 4.7, some solved, some not.
09/12 Added some words to the VXL Itona TC43x1 entry on adding two SATA ports and two additional USB ports.
13/11 Added two entries to the t5730 links page to a Japanese site. These cover the addition of a CF socket and mini-PCI express socket to the t5730 motherboard.
11/11 Added a description of how to add two additional USB ports to the rear panel of the Neoware CA19
10/11 Added the Wyse R90L family. Also updates to the t5540 entry to cover the t5630W.
05/11 Updates to the HP t5540 entry.
04/11 Added a 'How-To' on creating a zip-format style pen drive that can be booted on elderly BIOSs that have a USB-ZIP boot option..
22/10 Added a 'How-To' on installing the Core version (no GUI) of Tiny Core from the command line. This was using Tiny Core 4.6.2 and the installation was carried out on a VXL Percio.
15/10 Added an article on resetting/bypassing BIOS passwords.
14/10 Tweaked the CSS file a bit. Hopefully users of modern browsers will have no complaints at all whilst something approximately readable will display for those living in the past with ancient browsers (eg IE5/6/7).
03/10 Various changes over the last few weeks. Added the ancient Precedence NC. Rewritten the Neoware Eon section and the Igel-W. Restructured the VXL Itona section and added some new models. Added some words on the Italian company Praim and their product set.
16/09 Added the Precedence TCX3 and the HP t510. Words and photos of the t510 kindly provided by Thomas van der Goot.
25/06 Added the IBM Network Station 1000.
23/06 Updated the pages on the HP t5540. Added the HP t5710 and the Sun Ray 1 and Sun Ray 2.
17/06 Some under-the-skin changes to the html to improve the responsiveness of the website. If it upsets your particular browser please use the link at the bottom of the page to let me know.
07/06 Added some words on the Thintune OS to the Neoware CA15 firmware page. Added dual-monitor words to the Neoware CA10 hardware page.
24/05 Corrected the Linux page for the DT166. Added the IGEL-W.
20/04 Updated the t5730 entry to include more details on possible CPU upgrades and other modifications.
01/04 Added the t5135.
16/01 Sorted out the Wyse WT3125SE. Added a 'download tab' for anybody who wants to try linux on the WT3125SE.
08/01 I'm currently doing some work on a Wyse WT3125SE. As a result, 18 months late, I've finally got around to writing up my current tool set for use with Wyse thin clients and also the Evo T20 and T30.

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