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I (or others) occasionally come across other websites that have useful information on the HP t5730 These are collected in this section. If you find others please let me know (use the link at the bottom of the page).

Pichottka found: http://www.webteufel.com/HP/ThinClient/HP-Compaq_t5730/.

This site (German text) covers modifications to the t5730. [Original link now dead but the article can be found here on the Wayback Machine.]

dr_klauf found a couple of useful articles on a Japanese website - so you may need the help of 'Google Translate' to turn them into your native language. The English version isn't brilliant, but, with a bit of thought, you can sort out what is going on.

t5730 Modification
The first link http://soltec.exblog.jp/13060498/ covers the basics of taking a t5730 apart and fitting a CF socket and Mini-PCI Express connector to the reverse side of the motherboard.

An example of Google's translation here is:

Mini PCI Express connector and the CF connector
CF connector, you need a reverse type. Virtuoso "conversion" is now readily available, we have installed peel off the reverse type from: "CFIDE-4421A model number." (CF_SOLT) Mini-PCI Express connector, low profile type is attached to. (SKT6) (high is not might run into a space details are not examined) to (SKT7) requires a stop of the printed circuit board right of Mini PCI Express connector will consider when you want to test

t5730 Modification
The second link http://soltec.exblog.jp/16570383/ covers the addition of a small switch to let you select whether the Compact Flash card or the IDE-connected Flash drive is the 'master' on the interface.

This modification does include the soldering of some surface-mount components.


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