VXL tc3200: Hardware 

VXL TC3200 left hand side VXL TC3200 rear panel VXL TC3200 right hand side

This thin client is clearly marked as a VXL TC3200 series. There is no manufacturing date but the mother board (see below) dates from 2002. This hardware I think originally was imported into the UK by Bona Computech Co., Ltd. (no longer involved in thin clients) and may have been manufactured by Lex.

Interestingly, if you go to VXL's website and browse the manuals downloads section, there is no mention of a TC32xx series. Similarly there is no trace of it in the firmware downloads section.


The basic specs are:

Via Samuel 2
?Mb (max ?GB)
256Mb (max 512MB)
   Max resolution
Via VT8601A
1600 x 1200 16-bit colour
3 x USB1.1
Kybd & mouse
Coax 5.5mm/2.5mm
W x H x D4.8cm x 23.5cm x 18.0cm

My unit came without any flash installed. However the sticker on the back panel is for a Windows XPe licence.


For those to whom it matters here is some detail from Linux's /proc/cpuinfo

cpu family:6
model name:VIA Samuel 2

Power Supply

The unit runs from an external 12V supply which connects via the usual coaxial plug, but with the larger 2.5mm central pin. The socket is marked 12V/3A.


...is easy. Pull off the front silver bit - it is an interference fit. Undo the two thumb screws on the rear and remove the silver bit from the back. The top then just lifts off giving access to the circuit board, flash and RAM.


TC3200: click for larger image

Looking inside we find that the TC3200 uses the VIA CV860A motherboard. This is available in a number of guises so there is a possibility for the more inventive to swap out this board for another - eg there are variants with an 800MHz C3 processor. This is a "1R*" build which means it has a single LAN port with a Realtek 8100B controller. Google will easily find you a copy of the manual.

The rear panel does carry a couple of knock-outs for the LAN2 and LAN3 ports so it may be possible to fit the 3-LAN version of the motherboard. It just so happens I do have such a variant of the CV860A fitted with 3 LAN ports and an 800MHz VIA C3 processor. However it lacks the on-off switch, LEDs and sockets that are fitted to the front edge of the CV860A fitted to the TC 3200.....

The flash memory and RAM are easily replaceable..

Flash: The board includes a 40-pin IDE interface (IDE0), a 44-pin IDE interface (IDE1), a compact flash socket (part of IDE1) and a Disk-On-Chip socket. On-board jumpers let the CF socket be set as master or slave on the IDE interface, and to be set for 5V or 3.3V CF cards.

RAM: There is a single PC100/PC133 168-pin DIMM socket for the RAM.


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