Wyse Z Class 

Wyse Z Class

The Wyse numbering scheme here can be slightly confusing - as Dell/Wyse themselves have acknowledged. What I cover here are the original Z Class models. Subsequent to their release came the visually similar 7000 series but based on different hardware which offered dual core or quad core processors. I haven't seen examples of them yet, but the Dell/Wyse documentation indicates that there used to be the slightly confusing naming scheme of Z90D7 (old model) and the 7290-Z90D7 (new model). So a Z90D7 you see for sale might or might not be a new model depending on how lax the seller has been in his description. (See here for the new models and how Dell/Wyse have adjusted their naming scheme).

From a firmware update file I also found this table which distinguishes between 'old' and 'new' models:

Model ID:ProductIDOldNew
Zx0- Single CoreZ50S909588‐xxL,909589‐xxL909688‐xxL,909689‐xxL
Model ID:ProductID  
Zx0- Dual CoreZ00D909592‐xxL,909593‐xxL909692‐xxL,909693‐xxL
Model ID:ProductID  
Zx0DE -Dual Core Extended chassisZ00DE909610‐xxL909710‐xxL

Models I have seen are highlighted in red.

The information below has been extracted from an undated publicity leaflet from Dell/Wyse that is missing the usual dated copyright marking. I quick check with Google found mention of the Z class in a 2011 press release and the Z90DE7 in January 2012. In the leaflet there is also mention of "WES2009 support for SCCM-WEDM will be available in April 2012" which I guess dates it to 2011.

HardwareDell Wyse Z class

Note: This is for the Z class - not the 7000 series models that also carry the Z designation.

From the leaflet the Z class comprises:

  • Z50S Featuring Dell Wyse Enhanced SUSE Linux Enterprise, the industry's only enterprise-quality Linux OS optimized by Dell Wyse for thin computing.
  • Z50D Highest performing dual-core thin client with all the security, flexibility, and market leading usability of Dell Wyse Enhanced SUSE Linux Enterprise
  • Z90SW High performance Windows Embedded Standard 2009 thin client for the most demanding Virtual Desktop Environments.
  • Z90DW Highest-performing dual-core thin client based on Windows Embedded Standard 2009
  • Z90S7 High performance thin client. Harnesses the rich user experience of Windows Embedded Standard 7.
  • Z90D7 High performance dual-core thin client based on Windows Embedded Standard 7.
  • Z90DE7 High performance dual-core thin client based on Windows Embedded Standard 7 with expansion capabilities through a PCIe expansion slot.
  • Z00D Highest-performing dual-core cloud PC for Dell Wyse WSM.

Essentially there appears to be a common hardware base which is fitted with either an AMD G-T52R 1.5 GHz Processor with AMD Radeon HD 6310 Graphics (the S model, or a Dual core AMD G-T56N 1.65 GHz Processor with AMD Radeon HD 6310 Graphics (the D model). Finally we have the DE7 which is in a slightly wider case that has room for a PCIE card.

Of these I have seen the Z90D7.


Processors AMD G-T52R 1.5 GHz Processor with AMD Radeon HD 6310 Graphics (not available for Z90DE7) or
Dual core AMD G-T56N 1.65 GHz Processor with AMD Radeon HD 6310 Graphics
Z50S & Z50D2GB Flash / 2GB RAM
Z90SW & Z90DW2GB Flash / 2GB RAM
Z90S7 & Z90D74GB Flash / 2GB RAM
Z00D0GB Flash / 2GB RAM
Z90DE74GB Flash / 2GB RAM
Expandable up to 32GB Flash / 4GB RAM
I/O peripheral support One DisplayPort. (Optional DisplayPort to DVI-I adapter available)
One DVI-I port.
Six total USB ports: Four USB 2.0 ports (two front, two rear) and Two SuperSpeed USB 3.0* ports on rear (backwards compatible with USB 2.0)
Z90DE7: One PCIe 2.0 x4 slot with x16 expansion card, half card length, full height.
Factory options: Legacy connectivity - adds 2 serial ports, 1 parallel port and 1 PS/2 keyboard port
Networking 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet
Factory options: Dual Band 802.11 a/b/g/n Wireless
Fiber NIC network connectivity
Z90DE7: Integrated smart card reader
Display VESA monitor support with Display Data Control (DDC) for automatic setting of resolution and refresh rate
DisplayPort: 2560x1600@32bpp
DVI-I: 1920x1200@32bpp
Dual display: 1920x1200@32bpp
Audio Output: 1/8-inch mini jack, full 16 bit stereo, 48KHz sample rate,
Digital Audio Out, Internal Mono speaker
Input: 1/8-inch mini jack, 8 bit stereo microphone
Physical Height: 7.87 inches (200mm), Z90DE7: 8.46 inches (215mm)
Width: 1.85 inches (47mm), Z90DE7: 2.72 inches (69mm)
Depth: 8.85 inches (225mm)
Weight 2.47 lbs. (1.12kg), Z90DE7: 3.5 lbs. (1.59kg)
Power Average power usage with device connected to 1 keyboard with 1 PS/2 mouse and 1 monitor: Under 15 Watts.