The Company

I'm not too sure of the origins of the company. Their website, under the heading "Introduction to Netvoyager Technology Limited", says that The Netvoyager brand was established in London in 1999.

[April 2018] Having recently acquired a Netvoyager LX1014 and trying to chase down when it was released I discovered that the netvoyager website (www.netvoyager.co.uk), whilst still there, was actually moribund. The LX1014 appears as a current product which is surprising as it a rebadged Clientron U720 that has been discontinued by the many other thin client suppliers that have also rebadged it. Looking at the press releases I found that the last release held on the website was issued in October 2011 announcing the XP1022 thin client. Checking with the wayback machine I see that the LX1014 was added to the list of products between May and September 2013. Since then there has been no change to the list of current products or the list of discontinued products. I find it strange that the website is still up if the Netvoyager brand effectively died back in 2013 or 2014.

A 'Whois' request tells me that the domain is registered to Netvoyager Systems Limited and was last renewed (for one year) in January 2018. The company, Netvoyager Systems Ltd, was incorporated in February 2010 but doesn't seem to have done much since then. A similarly named company, Netvoyager Technology Ltd, was incorporated at the same time. Both were set up by an Australian couple. Accounts have been filed with Companies House so the companies are doing something, but from the lack of activity on the website it doesn't look like it has been with the line of Netvoyager thin clients.

The Products

They distribute a number of thin clients under the Netvoyager brand name. Some of the ones I've come across have been manufactured by the Taiwanese company TUL. Summary details on some of their VIA based products could once be found on VIA's website in their Partner Zone, but this now appears to be password protected.

I've seen the following from their product range:

Netvoyager models


LX1010-VIA Eden800MHz128MB/256MB
LX1014-VIA Eden1GHz1GB/1GB
LX1020(TC3500)VIA Samuel 2533MHz128MB/128MB
LX1021(TC3570)VIA Eden N800MHz256MB/256MB
LX1021(TC3590)VIA Esther1GHz256MB/256MB
LX1022-VIA Eden1GHz512MB/512MB

Don't you just hate it when a manufacturer changes the underlying hardware without changing the model number?


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