Thin Clients: Pegatron 

The Company

Pegatron is not a name I'm familiar with but, as always, Google and Wikipedia are a great help.

Pegatron was founded in 2008 as a spin-off from ASUSTek Computer. They are essentially an OEM company providing design/manufacturing services to others. As far as I can see they do not manufacture Thin Clients, but their range does include small 'NetTop' boxes similar to the Acer Aspire Revo that appears elsewhere on this site.


Pegatron Cape 7

In April 2020 I heard from Vitaly who had recently got hold of one of their small 'Cape 7' boxes.

The 'Cape 7' was described by Pegatron as a:

'TOWER - Tinny(sic) PC'.

It dates from 2009 and is based on an Intel Atom 230 CPU. Vitaly has documented the Cape 7 on his site in a similar manner to the way I document Thin Clients here.

Google will also find you various reviews from 2010.

Click on the image to visit Vitaly's site


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